Sunday, November 21, 2010

The Enchanted Woods

ON EDIT: a couple of readers have had their comments Eaten By Blogger recently....i have changed posting settings to "no word verify" and hope this will correct the trouble.
If you do suspect an eaten comment, please take a minute and e-mail me at or Just a quick note would be perfect. I hate to think people are taking the trouble to post and then *poof* nothing.  And your letting me know may be the only way i can ever find out! I sincerely hope this takes care of it and that you have a great rest of the weekend!  steph

I took these pics in late afternoon before Mr. E and i headed out to see The Negro Problem for the second time in a week. I loved the way the trees looked in these pictures but had no idea what caused it. After a day or two of obsessing about it, i realized what had happened. I'd been particularly still while posing (ususally i squirm around some). But the sun had moved to behind the trees, and there was a nice breeze blowing the branches around...... the light was low enough to require a little longer exposure, which traced the movement.....

We'll see if i'm smart/disciplined enough to try to duplicate this effect in future - i love the way it conveys the enchanted feeling that these trees always have for me.

The outfit reminds me a bit of 1950's style 'bod con' dressing, especially the New Look with it's small, fitted jackets. So i decided to try some stylized posing reminiscent of that time. That gorgeous jacket is via Peruvian Connections - can you believe i got it for only $35-40? Their list prices are truly sumptuous, but they do have some extremely worthwhile sales. If the Peruvian Connection aesthetic appeals to you, i urge you to keep an eye out - you can find some very reasonable prices in their sale section.

Strictly speaking, there are about one million* ways i could work this jacket into my everyday wardrobe. But. Firstly it's a tiny bit tight in the shoulders, and i've ripped the shoulders out of many garments in the past. I want to keep this one!  And there's really no way to cover ripped out shoulders, barring marching band-style gold-rope-embellished epaulets.

Secondly, i do like to keep one or two items as 'strictly dress up'.  It just helps me get in the mood for going out on the town, and makes the occasion more special. It's all psychological, but it works for me.  It also helps the 'dress up' pieces stay fresher longer (i'm hard on clothes. In case you didn't twig to that with the 'ripping out shoulders' remark.)

Do you have items you like to keep as 'strictly ballroom', or do you like to mix it all up? Any particular reasons or experiences why?

secret message for S: *numbers may be estimated

Jacket: Peruvian Connection (~ three years old)
Top: Ann Ferriday
Skirt: own design
Belt: vintage Coach
Shoes: Clark's Passion


  1. Wow, you are some sexy vixen in that outfit! Love the curvy shape and I've been seeing a lot of buzz on the "new look" lately...never waste the waist! Great job, Steph!

  2. Thank you, Paula! it's fun to vamp it up every once in a while - & it does seem to cheer up the paterfamilias ; ) have a great evening, steph

  3. I do have some items I save for special events. Have never shopped Peruvian Connections, but I do love that jacket. You have a real talent for styling the torso--I can't put my finger on it, although I suspect you are better endowed than I am after nursing three babies.

    That first photo is magical. I luck out like that sometimes too.

  4. Yeah, my comment instantly appeared! Thank you!

  5. Hi Terri! i was just over at your place : )

    i'm very glad to se your comment as well! i added an edit about posts disappearing. fingers crossed!

    PC has some intensely gorgeous things, it's worth checking it out. re: styling the torso - yeah, the tits have always been popular (did i say THAT?!?!!) but...i think part of it is that i have a really loooooong space from my shoulders to my hips, so you can fit a lot of things in without it looking crowded.

    it's fun when you find that part of your figure that can take 'piling it on' - everyone has some part or other like that!

    i think the lite around your place has been pretty magic recently, too!! steph

  6. You look fabulous in this outfit! Very va-va-voom!!! And the light thru the trees is very magical looking!

  7. Wow, these poses are amazing - you could write your own tutorial on glamour shots, Steph! Your bod looks killer!

    I have a few items that are "dress up only" - they don't fall into daily outfit parameters at all. I wear them for special occasions. I can think of three skirts that fall into this category, as well as several dresses.

  8. Oh, and HEE, thanks for the secret message. :-P

  9. Thank you, Joy! those trees are a delight.

    Sheila, you are very kind : ) i was wondering how you might answer that ? - on the one hand, you'll use everyday pieces in a halloween costume, but on the other, you do have a very comprehensive wardrobe which would seem to have a place for a few 'special occasion' pieces.

    & i don't know why, that phrase just busted me up!! steph

  10. Look at you in that top! Super hot!

    I do have some "night out" pieces but they are usually saved for those occasions more by the "special" nature of the garment (too sexy or flashy for the office) than by my own craftiness.

  11. Hi Kelly! *why thank you* (blushes).

    'craftiness' - what a great word! my task is to use it today 5 times in a sentence (altho i don't think the cat will notice).....have a fun monday!! steph

  12. Whoa, sexy lady! What a great look for an evening out!

    I try to use my dressier pieces for everyday wear as much as I can, but I do think it's fun to have a few items that are reserved for special occasions.

  13. Hi Audi! thank you, it was fun : ) i think it is nice to have a few 'reserved' items...i guess it helps make an occasion more special! steph