Thursday, November 4, 2010

Remote Posting Ability

I'm puppysitting the adorable Sophie. We just got back from a walk and she seems kind of pooped today, so i thought i'd try to post 'remotely' for you while she naps.

 There's nothing i love more, in terms of presenting my 'image', than sending conflicting signals.  Personally, it's the only type of signal that feels right.  I'm just not a vanilla, pure, one way or the other kinda girl. So wearing layered, bulky sweaters and a wool beret on top, and sandals with bare legs on the bottom, felt just about right to me. I've also found that it tends to confuse men, who feel the need to hash it out with you.  Well, it's one way to go in that arena, anyway.

I found this amazing Tweeds sweater at the T. J. Maxx down the street last fall. I used to read the Tweeds catalog assiduously in the 1990's for inspiration, and was certain that they'd gone out of business.  I was thrilled to see the brand was still around, and loved the details on this sweater.  The dramatic shape with funnel collar along with oversized buttons and snaps made my decision to snap it up very easy and quick (for me). The wool in the blend makes it too hot to wear until there's a nip in the air, so when that nip showed up i went for this sweater right away!

The Peruvian Connection angel tee has a a bit of subtle sparkle in the print. It's hard to pick up on in real life, but it blasted out the pattern in the full-length photos.  I'm glad it shows so nicely in the detail pics. It's taken from a design found in a centuries old South American church (i didn't save the historical details and it's no longer sold. That's all i remember.).

Here you can get a look at the buttons and snaps - also at the black cotton wrap i had layered underneath the Tweeds sweater. (Click on the photo for a bigger display with zoom-in capabilities.)

Well, i had an interesting experience on the walk Sophie and i just took. On Edit: i wore the pictured outfit about a week ago - today's incident involved a different outfit (not revealing, just more casual).We passed an open house with a couple of realtors heading out of it, when one of them (tall guy wearing a very nice tobacco-colored leather vest) admired my outfit and asked if he could take my picture. I said sure, posed, and he took a few snaps. I didn't realize until i was walking away that it was a bit unusual to be asked for your picture on the street.  I am used to people taking my photo a lot (with and without asking) at the Renaissance Faire, which is why i think i agreed so readily. Plus, i'm taking my own pic every day for months now, so it's kind of 'same old, same old'........Has this happened to any of you, especially since you started style blogging? How did you react?

Tweeds sweater: T. J. Maxx
Black Cotton Wrap Sweater: Nine West from T. J. Maxx
Angel Tee: Peruvian Connection
Skirt: altered J. Peterman Wide-Legged Denim Pants
Sandals: Naturalizer


  1. "I've also found that it tends to confuse men, who feel the need to hash it out with you." bahahaha I am continually surprised by how much opinion men seem to have about outfits on platonic friends, or even perfect strangers.

    It is a bit odd that he asked to take your photo. I've had a couple people ask me to take my photo before, in college. They usually claimed it was for a project or something, but I always declined. One day some older guy at my bus stop kept asking me though, claiming he was making a textbook about American schools, and even though I said no he actually still took the picture anyway! I was furious. Surprisingly he did email it to me as I requested. I didn't have anything I wanted to do with the photo, but I wanted to at least have an email address from this guy. Not that I did anything with it.

    If someone asked me now, I would be afraid they were going to post it to or something! But you look perfectly lovely here, so I don't think there's any fear of that. So now I'm curious what he was taking it for!

  2. Hi Kelly! 1st, i should have been clearer - i'm not wearing the outfit in the pictures, that was about a week ago (i'm generally behind...). today's outfit is not revealing or anything, it is more casual feeling. thanks - i added an edit to the post.

    that's just jerky and creepy of that guy to take the pic after you explicitly said no. maybe he figured you'd be impressed by how he couldn't stand not to have your pic, or figured it was a way to get your e-mail (sounds like that worked ; ) ! but just dumb of him.

    who knows why this guy took it. he had his camera in hand, it seems he'd just been taking pix of the house in his role of realtor. so maybe he just likes to snap pix. i get a lot of comments on how i dress though (i'm thinking of doing a post on it), so it wasn't really out of the ordinary feeling.

    thank you for your story! and i don't think 'people of walmart' is really the vibe you give off, Kelly!!! : ) steph

  3. Steph--you may show up on a street style page somewhere. I keep wishing there was such a site for "women of a certain age."

    I like your thinking about sending mixed signals.

  4. Hi Terri! it may be....he seemed pretty relaxed about it. but i would think he'd want to publicize his site by telling me about it? well, i should do a better job keeping up on bay area street style sites anyways (good excuse!).

    re: mixed signals - that's something i love about your looks - there'a always a little something not quite right.
    it's perfect!

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