Tuesday, November 2, 2010

A Wintery Outfit......and a General Observation

The shirt i'm wearing here was *intercepted* in a Goodwill bag at my dad and step-mom's place.  Taking a piece out of your own Goodwill bag is standard procedure.  Asking, 'Hey....about that shirt in that bag next to the door...?' is par for the course in our family.  But....it turns out - how do i put this - stepma was 'doing a favor for a friend'. This shirt came from without 'the family circle'. From a man with excellent taste in Italian men's shirts - lucky me!

Details of the necklace and scarf....with another pic so you can see these tiny little pink flower earrings:

Later on i added a jacket and changed my shoes to go for a walk (with my trusty Petzl - it was dark out there):

I look like Sheila there!  And i loved the way the patterns on the jacket and shirt matched up - clothing kismet.  Little details like these are often my favorite part of an outfit.

I am glad it's become .....if not 'cold', at least less infernally hot.  I've spent so many years in climates where you could really rely on layering to express your style and get more creativity out of your clothes by mixing them up in unexpected ways. This way of dressing is just easier for me, through experience and inclination. I'm trying to keep the upcoming summer in mind though, so i can be prepared and not be too heartbroken when things heat up again.....

On A Personal Note:
Lordy, one hundred posts came and went and i didn't say a thing about it!  First, of course it's a lot more fun knowing eyeballs, and especially eyeballs connected to some smart and stylish brains, are looking at my posts. Thank you all for reading, commenting, following, linking.....you don't have to do it, you have plenty of other things to do during your day, and i so much appreciate your time.

I was looking through some pictures and it struck me how lean i look in some,

 versus how plump i look in others.

Frankly, that's fine with me - i get bored looking the same for too long and enjoy playing the chameleon. But i did want to let you all know that every bit of it is clothes and posing.  When i started this blog, i had a stray thought that looking at pictures of myself *in public* everyday might inspire me to take off the four or five pounds that would be me at my supremo weight***.  But it hasn't happened. Partly, i don't care enough.  But also, i've seen that how i LOOK (not feel, or how healthy i actually am) is so radically determined by what i'm wearing and how i pose in front of the camera.  I've weighed between 133.5 -137 pounds ever since i started this blog. That's just three pounds - not enough to notice.

Part of the reason i blog is to get some different images/ideas out there about beauty, style, what women look like, etc. I thought that my readers might be interested to know that all the changes on this blog, as far as how big my body looks, are due to clothes and pose. I think it shows that if you want to look leaner, doing all those things Charla Krupp tells you to do in How To Never Look Fat Again will work - and, in terms of how you LOOK, it may make more difference than losing a few pounds.  But i hope it also shows that you can look stylish and have fun with clothes in ways that go way beyond 'not looking fat'.

***according to joint pain, general comfort, and not eating sugar

Jacket, Necklace: own design
Top: Ann Ferriday
Shirt: we have our ways...
Skirt: own design, inspired by some girls wander
Shoes: Maine Woods, Merrell


  1. I love the colors in the scarf paired with the shirt in that top pic...soft autumn!

  2. "But i hope it also shows that you can look stylish and have fun with clothes in ways that go way beyond 'not looking fat'."

    Totally agree. It drives me bonkers when I'm shopping with someone and ask their opinion, and the only thing I get is "that is really slimming!" or "it makes you look wide." Really? How big/small I look in an outfit is not my top concern, and it's not the only thing I look at when it comes to clothes. So it's a little disheartening to realize maybe that's the only thing other people think about when they look at what I wear!

  3. *B*onjour Ms. Pesu! thank you - corals/peaches paired with sages/olives is really one of my favorite color pairings, and looks so nice this time of year....

    Hi Kelly! aaarrgh! i've been in that same conversation! people, there's more to life! (end rant - for now ; )

  4. Happy 100 posts!

    I totally agree about the clothes - how you pose and the angle can totally make you slimmer or heavier. It all depends. I've fluctuated between 130 and 140 over the 3 years of my blog.

  5. I also started the blog to get my 5 pounds out of the way -which didn't happen ,of course.Posing is an art and I know that most of us bloggers learn it day by day.Photoshop also helps!

  6. Thank you Sheila! glad you're feeling chirpier today : )

    Hi Angie! 'the best laid plans of mice and men', as they say...how much pose, clothes, and camera influence how you look has been the biggest eye-opener of my blog experience so far. kinda takes away THAT motivation to eat healthier.....hehe! steph