Friday, November 12, 2010


explosion of color and ruffli-girliness
So, a week or two ago i stumbled across a nice little (big!) surprise - Weesha had included my site on her blogroll!  'This sort of thing' is still pretty new to me, so i got very excited.  It seemed like a good excuse to do a little introduction/recommend of Weesha's World here on the blog.

hardcore: edgy and tough
 By now, even if you've never heard of Weesha before, you know that she has great style and an incredible range. Which makes her blog well worth your time. But even more, i appreciate her outlook. While a determined optimist, Weesha acknowledges that life is hard and unfair, that crummy things do happen for rotten reasons or no reason we can know.

rockin' jeans and a tee
At the same time, maintaining respect for ourselves and others, and deliberately noticing and affirming the good things that do happen, can make us happier people who are more fit to do right by ourselves and others.  She comes across as, dare i say it, 'wise beyond her years'.  Saccharine-sweet 'positive or else!' sentiments tend to leave me cold.  Weesha's outlook demonstrates that optimism can be a brave stance in this world.

carrying off graphic shapes and neon color pop with panache
It seems that a lot of people who read this blog move in the same circles of the 'blogosphere', and my hunch is that most of you know of each other.  But i'm not how sure how many of you know Weesha - i don't see any real 'cross-commenting' going on.  Now that you know Weesha, don't be a stranger!

That Smile!

As you know, we spent Halloween at mom's.  Turns out mom had been cleaning out her closets, and i bagged a few choice items for myself while helping her bag them up for the Goodwill.  I've always had a hankering for pique polo shirts, but never felt 'me' while wearing one. But this blue was so nice, and seemed to blend well with my blue shirtwaist....

I was in a mood to wear my blue shirtwaist dress as more of a skirt, and my new polo shirt bloused over the dress just so. The dress collar even played nice with the shirt.  I got another oversized polo from mom in heather grey at the same time, but it's jersey instead of pique.  It doesn't drape so much as make random, origami-style shapes. As a result, my hips looked like the Sydney Opera House had crash-landed on them.  However, it didn't mind being tucked in, and you'll see the resulting outfit in future.

no comment re pose. but you can see the lining!

It's much easier for me to come up with an outfit that feels 'me' in the dressier range of things. So i was very happy to have created a casual look in which i felt so comfortable.  And how easy is the formula "skirt + casual tee or polo + belt + snazzy shoes"?   Thanks, Mom!!!

Polo, Tights, Scarf: gifts
Hoodie: Aeropostale
Dress: own design, inspired by Work With What You Got
Belt: Betsey Johnson
Beret: ????
Shoes: Beautifeel, 10+ years old


  1. I found you thru Style Underdog and enjoy your combinations and your whimsy!

    And this blue color looks fantastic on you!

  2. Thanks for the tip on Weesha, I will check her out. :) I have added you to my blogroll, by the way - I'm about 6 months behind in updating that dang thing.

    I'm personally not a fan of polo shirts, but I do like the colour.

  3. Hi Joy, i'm glad you found me : ) i sent an e-mail to your yahoo e-mail (the 'contact me' one on your site) a few days ago - i'm listing any 40+ types sites i find on a little blogroll along the right hand of my site. if bloggers id themselves as in that age range i just post em, but i didn't find that type of info on your site. let me know if you and Lisa Marie would like me to list your site:

    Hi Sheila! yay, Weesha is new to you, mission accomplished!! and you are, unfailingly, too kind : )

    yeah, i don't know why pique polo shirts - normally that type of style drives me nuts and not in a good way. but somehow i like them. hmmm, thinking back on one or two guys in high school that wore them - i may have a clue.....he he!

  4. Yes, add us, please! I'm going to check my email. I've been kinda bad about not checking it lately!

  5. My favorite part? Those shoes! Perfect size heel~ You look adorable!

  6. Thank you, FOF! i don't think i would have put them with this outfit 'before blogging'...this outfit reminds me of your turtleneck outfit project on your blog! great minds, eh? have a great weekend!! steph

  7. Hello...I just found your bloglink...and Im already addicted!! Love the posts Ive seen so far...Im going to add myself to your follow list:)

    You wear tights!! I love tights..and I also appreciate your approach to the blogosphere:)

    Weesha looks amazing.....Im off to check her out:)

    Stop by and say Hello ♥
    I’m an MTV Style Blogger of the Week!!!

  8. Hi Colette!! Addicted?!??! i may have to post that Surgeon General's warning after all ; )

    any tights-wearing, monochrome with texture outfit creating, tee shirt layering, pattern mixin', old-shoe wearing gal is always welcome here at TDE!!

    and Weesha is wonderful. have a great Sunday!!! steph

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