Friday, November 26, 2010

When Fantasy Becomes Reality

New shoes! ah, the bliss of it all......when down in Pacific Grove, i spent some time in the myriad 'outlet stores' trying on shoes. I had no hope of finding any shoes to buy (and i didn't). But i thought i might be able to find some brands and sizes that my feet could tolerate. And then i could focus my online shopping on these brands.

As it turned out, my feet were quite enamored with some shoes in the Bass outlet store. I didn't care for the style, but when i saw these Bass Lacey Oxfords online i fell instantly in love.   Mr. E went to work and managed to find them for about $25 off retail, and so my oxfords began the trek across the country to their new home.

Firm support, sturdy lug soles, 2" heel, yet fantasy shoe! The top hits at an unflattering place for many legs, but my tiny ankles make it possible for me to pull these off with skirts as well as trousers. To most minds, 'comfort' in a shoe means cushy squishiness. For me it means a very stable, supportive shoe that holds my foot in one place and lets my nerves get a good feel for the surface on which i stand.  Unfortunately, that's much harder to find, though not impossible. The Clark's Indigo and Artisan lines are really beautifully made. The Bass line is great and even more affordable than the Clark's. I've only purchased one pair of sandals, but Naturalizer shoes seem to be made along these lines.

this pic shows neck area detail - but see below

Imagine my delight to find these Bass Lamont tailored lace up boots built on the same sole and heel as my wonderful Lacey oxfords!  Mr. E again performed his shopping wizardry and these lovely lace-ups are wending their way towards the Pacific.....and not a minute too soon! My lovely Maine Woods shoe-boots, with the best stacked heel in existence, have developed 2" long cracks in the leather. Aw, fiddle.  I love to re-sole, but once cracks develop in the upper leather even i have to admit it's 'that time'.

 the 'vee-neck' way i wore the blouse

So, dear readers, with our major capitalist holiday a mere month away, what is your fantasy shoe? Have you been lucky enough to possess a pair, or is that happy event still in your future? Does comfort factor into it, or is it all about the aesthetics?

Crochet Sweater: April Cornell
Blouse: own design, inspired by some girls wander
Skirt: own design, inspired by The Hidden Seed
Shoes: Bass Lacey Oxfords

p.s. today's outfit is just this previous one with a cardigan thrown on top and the shoe/sock story switched out.  This time of year you may be able to 'recycle' any number of summer outfits in this manner.

p. p.s. now that my fantasy shoes are reality, new fantasies include Clark Lyme Grass Boot and Clarks Lyme Regis ankle boot.  Yow Mma!  And to think there have been whole years in which i had the money to buy shoes, but none i cared to buy......


  1. My fantasy shoe is the Joseph Griffin Flo knee high boot in Azzure or perhaps Viola.

  2. You said:
    'For me it means a very stable, supportive shoe that holds my foot in one place and lets my nerves get a good feel for the surface on which i stand.'
    I say:

  3. My fantasy shoe is one with heels that I CAN WALK ON AND VERY SOFT AND COMFORTABLE and I haven't found it yet!

  4. I am absolutely in love with your style!!!
    You work the winter whites and maxis like no one else and I LOVE seeing someone who is so comfy in her style ;)
    Sorry I am a bad commenter, but am working on it :)
    I really appreciate all of your comments and support! And the way you layer is gorgeous and so chic!

  5. By the By, I've been going to your other blog instead of this one, Duh!
    It too is wonderful!!!!

  6. Steph--what a lovely cardigan you have remixed with this outfit. Looks like you have found yourself some sturdy shoes. The older I become the more this matters to me as well.

  7. hi everybody! mr. e & i hit the hay at 4pm local time yesterday to recuperate from the previous day's festivities - good morning!

    Cynthia, what can i say except those boots make me want to throw a tantrum (esp. the viola). and my default emotional state is 'bovine placidity'. i think it's the price. ; )

    he he mom, well we've got the genetic connection going!

    angie, that's just rotten! everyone, take a minute today to let your supreme being know they need to work a little harder on angie's shoe situation!

    Thank you Reva, that is very kind! & comment however you want/like - the last thing we need is more pressure! that's funny about the other blog, mostly i use it for travel/nature pics and stuff i want to show my mom...i can just see you thinking, 'where's the clothes?'

    Hi Terri! thank you, i would love to get a couple more similar cardi's in black and ecru...& yes, the body pipes up a wee bit more the more we live in it. i like to play the rugged against the very femme, so sturdy shoes work easily for me.

  8. I would love a strappy brown heel! I just love high heels. I'm really loving your bass shoes...too cute and they look great with your outfit! ~Serene

  9. LOVE all of your jewellery girl!!!


  10. Hi Serene - thank you! strappy brown heels sound yummy and they would get a work-out in your wardrobe! (and i love your influence on Terri - that silver metallic belt shines on her!)

    Welcome Jemina! thank you, and thanks for stopping by! steph

  11. Ooh, I noticed the shoes right away! I love the buckles, and they look both comfy and stable.

  12. hee hee.....a 'fantasy shoe post' wouldn't seem complete without a comment from you, Audi! yeah, that buckle strap caught my eye! steph