Monday, November 8, 2010

Eye of Newt, Wart of Toad.......(wait, wasn't that last week?)

gratuitous tree posing photo
I've been blogging here almost half a year (hooray!) and i've yet to do a 'lovely links' post.

Until Now.

Like all Northern California residents, and most especially those clustered around San Francisco, Halloween is my favorite of all holidays.  Seriously, in these parts the event does rise to 'Holy - Days' status. In honor of this day's special place in my heart, and of all the fabulous costumes people posted on the web, here's my first links-only post - behold The Halloween Costumes of the StyleNation!!!

The Citizen Rosebud dresses as the most delicious confection evahhh.....this one outfit is like a PhD. thesis in layering.

There was an environmentally-conscious celebrity sighting over at REVA rags 2 ROSES' place (maybe get some bars for your windows, okay Reva?)

Kelly at Profisciscamur! manages to look more adorable by accident than most of us do on purpose. Typical.

Shybiker and friend make a wonderful pair of Honeymooners (with a little twist!).

Cat at Thrifty Muse pulls off a spot-on Emma Pillsbury. Be sure to check out her other outfit posts on this multi-blogger site - her typical elegant/boho style makes Miss Pillsbury quite a stretch!

Monique at My Glamourology documents her own and friend's wonderful rockabilly costumes - and waffles.

ah, serendipity.......Erin at calivintage robs her closet to dress as a classic mime, as did my sixth-grade next door neighbor! (He spent several days practicing his moves - as his mom told him, 'You don't want to be one of those kids who can't back up his Halloween look!')

And over at Ephemera, Sheila becomes the Maddest of Hatters by 'shopping her closet'.  Question: How is it possible to so completely embody the essence of this nineteenth century fantasy character while wearing clothes that make the most modern of fashionistas weep with envy?  Only a mathematician of Charles Dodgson's abilities could hope to tease out that conundrum...

I'm certain i've missed some great costumes out there, so please let me know in the comments or at my e-mail and i'll add them to the list.  I hope this adds a little fun to your Monday!


  1. Love that pic and this is a great blog :) xoxo

  2. That's a great photo ! why don't you put it as a header on top of your blog?A poster for your living room or bedroom maybe?

  3. Welcome Ms. Stilettos - how nice of you to drop on by! i finally made it over to your site, and it's gangbusters - but i couldn't stay as long as i'd like, 'cause i'm scared of heights
    ; ) thank you!

    Hi Angie! i like the pic a lot too - Mr. E took it. that tree gets full of fluffy pink blossoms every spring that drive the bees wild...i hope to take more pictures of me in there next spring! and that's an interesting idea. i've got some fun photos that would be fun headers. i'll have to cogitate on it...

    and i'm super interested to see your 30 x 30! i really like your choices, you've got some beautiful color combos going on - more adventurous than most people would pick but it looks gorgeous and fresh to me. have fun!! steph

  4. Aw thanks for the link! And I loved this roundup - a lot of the costumes were new to me.

  5. Oh, thank you so much! You are too kind. :)

  6. Hi Kelly! i'm glad there's some new ones for you here. i loooove costumes - i only wish i'd found more!!

    Sheila, i would've been out of my noggin' not to include your costume - it completely classes up me blog!! : ) steph

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