Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Eagle Clothes

Hello everybody! First of all, i wanted to greet my new's a surprise to find out about people by having them sign up to follow!  Quite a treat! Although i enjoy blogging on it's own, and would write and photograph even if no one else ever laid eyes on what i produced, i really enjoy the conversation and the fresh perspectives that commenters bring to the table.  Plus finding out about new people. websites, projects.... everybody's busy, with so many demands on their time, and you're making the effort to spend some of that limited time here. So Thank You for following and reading and commenting!

bright winter light blasted out skirt color - see 1st pic for truer feel
Well, winter's here and the holidays are just about on top of us. This is always the time of year when if i'm gonna get good and sick, then i get good and sick - so far so good this year, i'm nice and strong! But i do my best to stay up to date on my rest, exercise, etc.  And there's more to do generally, in terms of shopping and food and baking cookies.......all of which is to say that from now until the beginning of the year my plan is to concentrate on outfit posts and stay away from my usual long-winded philosophizing.  If you notice a change, that's what's up. And as usual, if you have any questions or want me to expand on anything, drop a comment!

I've been re-energized, clothing-wise, by the change in weather.  The ability to really layer opens up so many possibilities and reflects my truest sensibilities. It puts my dresses in a whole new perspective - i loved wearing this one as a skirt. I don't have any tall boots, so these leg warmers from mom added that tall boot flavah to this look. And the slight eeneriness of the dress collar under the sweater neckline gave me just the excuse to add this scarf and little wren pin. I felt very long and lean and loved all these smokey blues together.  Plus, all knits, floaty rayons, and no waistband makes for a comfy ride.

These type of outfits, with  floaty, drapey clothes on top and big strong boots at the bottom, always make me feel like a bird of prey.  Raptors have those incredible wings and feathers floating and fanning, sometimes each individual feather independent of the others, all on top of those huge strong leathery talons. Grounded and soaring all at once.

Reality check
Recently i've been feeling a little strange just showing the 'best practices' me. So i thought i'd throw in a picture of my 'less-inspired' dressing every now and then.  That way you can get a little more realistic feel of what i wear.  In addition, my 'downtime dress' does influence what goes on 'on the blog' as well. This is what i wore to drive with Mr. E to work so i could use the car for the day. Hoodie, skinny cargoes, slip-on boots. (At least i put on a bra!) I liked the feel of a leaner line on top of boots, and this influenced my choice of the first outfit in this post when i officially 'dressed for the day'.


  1. I loved the way you tied that scarf and then added the pin~very feminine.
    I love leggings--love them particularly with clogs--such a 70's look. Yours is more modern!

  2. I also like the pin on the scarf and I really like your skirt! If I showed a picture of the real me, it would involve PJs and a robe!!

  3. Ah, love seeing your 'Reality Check' - I've been planning a post on my own hang around the house clothes. :)

    I absolutely love the silhouette on this outfit. The belt slung around the hips, the long slim sweater...even the legwarmers! Awesome.

  4. Hi Paula! yes, i like the very fem combined with the leather - contrasts again! thank you!

    Hello over50feeling40! thank you, i was very jazzed to be able to do a different take on that dress and 'skirtify' it. i like the 'real you', too!!

    Hi Sheila - i bet a lot of us are waiting for that post - we're dying of curiosity out here! : ) and thank you!

    and to you all: i found the key to making these legwarmers work was in pulling them down over the top of the shoe, over the instep as far as i could. any further up looked pretty hokey - that's the secret! steph

  5. I like the colors and the layering here - that long skirt (or dress) with the legwarmers is pretty charming.

  6. Thank you Jesse Anne! it's nice to see a fellow critter-lover here. (it's a dress with the sweater layered over top.) have a good weekend! steph

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