Friday, November 5, 2010

The Copycat Effect

attempting Citizen Rosebud's hardcore 'do not mess with moi' look.  unsuccessfully.

 After my recent copycat mission was such a success, i vowed to keep it up. I've just discovered The Citizen Rosebud, a blogger who's also 40+ and a NorCal girl, with a thrifted, eccentric and artsy style that knocks a person's socks off!  This outfit caught my eye - i have the exact same OTK's.  But i don't have denim cut-offs (hers are an old pair of 'mom-jeans' - waaay beyond cool), a dark boxy blazer, a cloche, or dark graphic tee.  

that flippin' ribbing kept on flippin up. i tucked the flaps into the breast pockets for a less fussy line.

So i broke it down in my head - what, to me, are the main 'parts' of this look. Small, defined head. Monochromatic color scheme using varied texture and pattern to provide interest. Casual top derived from men's undergarments. Jacket with menswear echos and sleeves rolled up to reveal longer sleeves underneath.. Long scarf looped once around neck with ends hanging long. Shorter skirt or shorts hitting just above the OTK's. Booties with a lower heel and oxford details. No waist emphasis.

 I loved the way it turned out, and it is definitely a look i'd never have come up with in the natural course of things. And these are all pieces i've had at least a year - totally shopped out of the closet.  These paddock boots are somewhere around ten years old. They really need to be  re-soled before i wear them anymore, which is why you haven't seen them until now. But they were so perfect for this look, i wore 'em anyway.

 Okay - what IS 'The Copycat Effect'? I detailed in yesterday's post how a realtor on the street approached me to take my picture. This while i was wearing today's copycat look (hardly any sex-bomb type look!). What i've yet to reveal on this blog is what happened when i wore my first copycat look a week ago. That evening, Mr. E and i went to Yerba Buena Center for the Arts in SF to see The Negro Problem (fantastic). Afterwards, during the meet and greet, a very nice gentleman proceeded to chat me up - even after i'd introduced him to my husband.  Fairly persistently, in fact. 

Given that Style Underdog and The Citizen Rosebud each has such a distinctive style, and how different their styles are each to the other, i can't see that this 'effect' is due to my channeling a particular blogger's more attractive style. Here's what i'm left with: Do a copycat look, and the men come out of the woodwork. Coincidence or causation? i leave it to you to decide!

Hat, Scarf, Earrings: gifts
Jacket: Royal Robbins (i made some modifications)
Henley: Aeropostale
Skirt: own design
OTK Socks, Bandanna: Target
Paddock Boots: can't remember and the brand's worn off


  1. What a honor to be "catted" by you! I love your interpretation by the way. And those shoes are so worthy of re-soling.

    Great idea too. I did a series of posts a long while back that had me interpret 2 of my favorite bloggers who don't dress at all like me. I used the same dress,too. Then I styled it like I would normally do. Yeah, it really opened up what I could do, and I dare say my interpret looks did get more compliments too, lol.

    Thanks so much for including me in your copycat project!xo. -Bella Q

  2. Hello Bella! Thank YOU for providing the 'spark'! and your other copycat idea, of styling an identical dress in your own way, sounds like a good exercise as well...

    & v. interesting to hear you experienced 'The Copycat Effect' as well!! have a great weekend, steph

  3. Steph~Thanks for adding fashion over fifty to your blog role and I became a follower of yours too!

    Love your style, and especially on your outfit today, the over-the-knee stockings! I haven't had the guts to wear them yet--I think we may be a bit more conservative here in NE; but I'm willing to try anything! Maybe I'll be copying that!

    Looking forward to commenting more and great blog~Paula at

  4. You are getting better and better in copycat looks.I like the way you use them as a sparkle.This one is so sophisticated ,excellent!Totally your own interpretation of Bella's outfit.

  5. Hi Paula! i was happy to add your blog (you didn't have to follow - tho i do i appreciate it very much!)

    i've been keeping track of 40+ style bloggers for a while now, and finally added that 'mini-blogroll'. there doesn't seem to be a huge lot of us at the moment. it seems to me that getting some different ideas/images out there about older ladies can provide an actual alternative to the mainstream media 'story' that a lot of people would be interested in.

    if you know of anyone who fits that bill that's not on my roll i'd love to know about them, if you feel comfortable with that. The Citizen Rosebud is also interested in promoting networking in our 'sub-specialty', as it were.

    i was more willing to do the OTK thing with the skirt length just brushing the top of the socks....i didn't have much of a gap! you have nice long, lean legs - i say give it a whirl!!

  6. TinyJunco--I'm so excited to discover you or to have you discover me! I've haven't done any of the copy cat looks yet and if they bring men out of the woodwork, I'm not entirely sure I want to! Have my hands full with the guy I've got! :)

    Love the shoes and I think they deserve resoling!

  7. I love your copycat work! I might have to copycat you copycatting!

    And I actually got a few major man-stares when I was picking up bakery on the way into work Thursday, wearing my Terri copycat-style outfit!

  8. Hi Angie! thank you so much. your copycat came out very nicely as well!! do you think you mite try more copycats?

    Welcome Terri! me too! and good for you re: great guy! i know, this would be more use if i wasn't 11 years married..... : )

    Hi Cynthia! i like that idea, 'wheels within wheels'.

    & 'major man stares'? ok, looks like theory is getting ConFirmed! i may have to notify The Underdog herself.

    have a great weekend everybody! steph

  9. There you have it. Copycatness at its best. I believe, when you copy an outfit, you already know it "works". When you wear it, that added confidence of a working outfit allows your own self to glow even brighter. That's what I believe and I'm sticking with it. As for major stares, hey, that's a bonus.
    Happy Weekend Steph!

    ps. I love the outfit you copied from CR, yours and the original. And please, get those boots resoled. They are excellent!

  10. Hello Bev! actually, your theory is very similar to my mom's (yes, i was discussing this with my mom...)

    she agrees with your idea about confidence, but with the added twist that 'copycatting' gets you out of the everyday 'autopilot' state of mind. so getting out of your rut kind of 'wakes you up', and gives you more spark and energy (or glow).

    again, it's all about the attractiveness of the person wearing the outfit, not so much the outfit itself....a scandalous conclusion for a style blog!

    & no worries, i'm a big re-soler. i just haven't gotten to it yet, but now winter's here....have a great week!!! steph