Friday, December 3, 2010

Olive Drab and Aubergine

Two outfits today. The first one i wore yesterday, with my new Bass Lamont Distressed Boots!  So very very nice (even thought they have a 2" heel, not 5" like some other bloggers wear). I also feel like i am getting better at creating outfits that read as casual and in which i feel truly comfortable. I wouldn't say i'm completely there yet. But i'm getting much closer!

 I love olive drab, and it's close enough to a neutral to 'sneak into' my typical palette with no commotion whatsoever.  Aubergine, burgundy, etc. seems to be more of a 'color' color to me, and i feel it's a little too much for me to wear it on it's own. I prefer it worn with it's complementary hue of green.

here's a peak at my 'granpa's union suit' red socks

As a rule, when you put two 'opposite' colors (as in opposite each other on the color wheel) next to each other, they spark each other and the colors appear more intense and richer. In this outfit, the opposing colors don't 'pop' much because they are shades. A shade is made from a pure color which has been mixed with black.  This 'steps down' the color intensity of any given hue, and can also help meld together different colors (as it does here with the olive drab and aubergine).

 I came across Tiger Color recently (i'm pretty sure it was on Paula's site Fashion Over Fifty, but i don't recall) and it is a fantastic resource for all the basics of color theory. Poke around there a little to familiarize yourself with the concepts, then start picking apart all of your fave color combos to discover how and why they work. Soon you too will be a mistress of the color tiger!

no luck mastering this tiger
I was lucky enough to be able to take a number of undergraduate level art history and practice courses in my twenties. Combined with my life long practice  of sewing, photography, and drawing, my professional experience in sign making, and love of all arts and crafts, i've managed to get a pretty comprehensive grounding in color theory.

But i have no idea why this second outfit (worn 3-4 weeks ago) seems to work, really. There's no burgundy or olive drab in that skirt. It is based, way in the way back, on a red/green oppositional color scheme, as is the olive drab/aubergine top and cardi combo. But......who knows. Theory can only take you so far, is the moral of this story. Either that, or this second oufit belongs in the realm of the 'fashion don'ts'! I mean, "Honestly, Dad - socks and sandals??!?!?!" (exasperated sigh)

Cardi: Macy's (several years ago)
Aubergine top: Anne Klein for Vogue Patterns V2987, altered & made by me
Floral Corduroy Shirt: L. L. Bean (several years ago)
Capris: Royal Robbins
Red Socks: gift
Umbrella Skirt: own design
Petticoat: own design
Boots: Bass Lamont
Sandals: Naturalizer
Belt: old
OTK Socks: Target


  1. I love that sweater.

    And I didn't know what color aubergine was until Steel Magnolias. True story.

  2. I still don't know what color "puce" is, if it makes Joy feel any better.

    Those are both great combos. I love your umbrella skirt.

  3. It's true that the skirt seemingly changes the color of the cardigan. Amazing. I may have to check out this color resource.

    And lady, you are rocking those olive drabs! Be looking for an e-mail with explicit photos of our most recent hawk visit.

  4. Good Morning Ladies!
    Hi Joy! thank you - and that's a funny story. i can't remember where that came up - i'll have to ask my mom!

    'puce' frankly, i have no idea myself...thank you, Cynthia!

    oy, Terri, i was hoping your pigeon people had managed to avoid another hit - but the pix made it pretty obvious! poor pigeons. at the same time, that hawk is incredible.

    hmm, terri, you seem to be very sensitive to color. that's one reason i like the newts - i really 'see' a lot of color even in those subtle shades. check out the color stuff (in all your spare time : ) and ty for the hawk pictures!! good luck, steph

  5. I love both outfit !!!!!
    And the skirt is faboo!
    I came across a site all about color metric(matrixs?) as well a while ago.
    it was awesome and broadened my mind to clor mixing as well :)

  6. I like the first outfit most and the way you tied the end of your cardi to yhe pants!Wayyyy!!!stylish!Your colors combine so good together!

  7. Clairee Belcher: [trying to do "color commentary" by discussing the color of the football uniforms] ... But I love the top - such a vibrant purple. Bob, would you call this color "grape" or "aubergine'?
    Ouiser Boudreaux: SHUT UP!
    Clairee Belcher: What?
    Ouiser Boudreaux: You're makin' a fool outta yourself, Clairee.
    Clairee Belcher: I am not.
    Ouiser Boudreaux: This is football. All the people wanna hear about are touchdowns and injuries. They don't give a damn 'bout that grape shit.

  8. When 'Steel Magnolias' was released, Steffi offered to go with me, even knowing I would be a puddle of tears (wotta girl, huh?). We were there at a matinee, and at the end of the row were two guys, who in the early part were making guy noises, but not offensive - just making sure we knew they were guys. When the film ended and the lights came up, I was not alone in my tears; we waited to leave until they composed themselves. Still one of my favorite films. So there ya go!

  9. Puce is a mix of green and pink (so it's a kind of greeny-pinky-brown).

    Hey, I don't ALWAYS wear 5" heels! Only sometimes! :)

  10. I must commend you on posting your outfits. I am new to the fashion posting and all I've been seeing are anorexic 20 year old models. You are very cute and I must have my mom do a fashion blog too. She make jewelry but she has great fashion sense, she's been putting the fashion fire under me since I was a kid. Come check my blog out. I will now definitely be putting up pics of my mom.

    Nicole ♥

  11. Hello Reva! thank you! you've been doing some nice color recently, i like the 'grandpa cardi' post with the dusty rose especially.

    Thank you angie! dang girl, you've added even MORE color to your 30 x 30 the last couple of days - you've stolen a rainbow or something!!

    Hi mom! i had an inkling you'd know the reference....i remember that screening, those were big biker guys, too. it was classic.

    Leave it to Sheila, Queen of Color, to inform us about 'puce'. it actually sounds pretty interesting!

    Welcome Nicole! check out the right-hand side of my blog for a listing of 40+ style bloggers - we're out there! but not a huge amount yet - so encourage your mom to give it a whirl!! thank you and i look forward to checking out your blog - 'break a leg' as they say,