Monday, December 20, 2010

No Repeats W & W: Days Six & Seven

hat courtesy Monarchy of the Absurd
 Went to the Dickens Fair on Saturday - i didn't wear my typical Edwardian-style costume, as i was bursting out in sweats on and off. It was too hot and uncomfortable in a waist cincher, bustle, tights and petticoats. So i went more 'time-traveller' (fair lingo for 'steampunk') style. As it happened, i dressed largely out of my workaday capsule, even though it was Saturday and i could wear whatever i wanted.

On Sunday the root of the sweats became apparent - stomach trubbles. I'll spare you the details, as well as my outfit (jammies).

My escort was the belle of the ball. He didn't speak, just tip-toed about looking extra-ordinarily un-conspicuous.

I heard many rumors: "You can take his picture, but it won't show up in your camera." "He has to wear all of that because he's invisible, otherwise he won't show up."

No rumors were confirmed.

We took BART.

Everyone was taking BART, it seemed.

This gorgeous feathered creature occupied a booth at the Fair entitled "Monarchy of the Absurd". She creates the best top hats on planet earth out of antique materials. She graciously let me take a bunch of pictures in her booth, including the one of me at the top of this post.  Sadly, the hat is still hers. But i do have more pictures! I'll post them 'in time', after i finish my post about another wildly unique and captivating vendor who i met at the recent KPFA Crafts Fair.

Contact Michelle Aralica at  Ms. Aralica plans to show her hats at the Edwardian Ball in San Francisco, January 21-22, 2001 for those of you in the area.

Back to bed.


  1. Oh that would have been so much fun. I LOVE Steampunk. it's my favorite part of DragonCon!!

  2. Steff--I do hope you get to feeling better soon. I'm excited to see your photos from the other vendors. I've been known to spend hours browsing but not buying from steampunk vendors online. The hat in the first post is wonderful, as is the dial on the wrist of that invisible man!

  3. You both look fabulous! I didn't make it to the Dickens Fair this year but there's the Edwardian Ball coming up in January. Are you going?

  4. Hi Joy! there wasn't a whole lot of steampunk action at dickens' the day we went. but we are thinking about attending the Edwardian Ball or some of the other events. it was so fun watching people's reactions to mr. e!

    Howdy Cynthia! thanks, i love it too : )

    Thank you Terri! the other vendor makes felted jackets and other items using very green/local/responsible practices. her work very much addresses many of the ideas you've been researching recently -

    her work brings up so many ideas for me that it's taken me two weeks just to figure out what area i want to focus on!

    take care all, steph

  5. Hi Audi! we cross-posted (!) thank you - we haven't decided yet. would you recommend it or...? it looks like fun to me, but i have nothing leaping to mind costume-wise, so i get antsy. any words of wisdom would be mightily appreciated! :) steph

  6. What great Hats! And the time traveler is a fantastic outfit! Looks like fun~

  7. Hi Paula! i get the feeling you would REALLY get into Ms. Aralica's hats - they're phenomenal! it's a kick to have my picture in one. 'time traveler' is a fun term, too. Have a good evening! steph

  8. The Edwardian Ball is fabulous! Everyone gets dressed up, there's music and other performances, dancing (natch), an indoor croquet course, an absinthe bar, all sorts of vendors, etc. etc. The Regency is a lovely venue and it truly is like stepping into another time. I'd highly recommend it. Many people go in a steampunk direction, but I've even seen ladies pull off a 20's look to great effect. If you need costume ideas, check out the oodles of photo galleries here:

  9. Thank you Audi! that sounds like a lot of fun, and the costumes in those pix are phenomenal.....hmmm....looks like i have my work cut out for me!! take care, steph

  10. I love your fabulous hat - the wings are genius (and I love your jacket too)! What fun the Dicken fair must have been.
    California sounds like it has more Edwardian dress events than London! I wish I could go to that ball in San Fran!