Saturday, October 8, 2011

Double Denim

 I just love the way it feels to say that: 'Double Denim'. Makes your mouth move in ways it definitely ain't used to doing!

So weekend before this one (or, 'last weekend') i had a day of errands, stomping around town, and so on. I was doing a bit of house/plant sitting and had brought along some usual, i was unable to put together 'an outfit' ahead of time. A mental block, no doubt. I knew i couldn't wait to wear this new Bobeau blouse (selected for moi by none other than the inimitable Mr. Eccentric his own bad self). My black denim stretch skirt is comfy and sleek, and i wanted to get a few more wears out of my Aerosoles sandals while the weather permitted. Sounded like a look, and i threw it on.

Without thinking about it, i took along a jacket for warmth. Sometime during the day i realized i was sporting none other than the Canadian tuxedo, the dreaded 'Double D'. It really wasn't so bad, and when i mentioned it to Mr. E he seemed nonplussed (unusual when it comes to matters of the wardrobe). ah, well.

Nothing feels more ladylike, to me, thank wearing a jacket tossed onto my shoulders. Combined with a fitted skirt, pussybow blouse in a drapey floral print, strappy heels, i was a veritable rama-de-femme!

Here you can see the great shaped hem on this blouse. It's polyester - wow, has this fibre changed since the 1970's gross-fest i recall! Soft, silky, nice little wouldn't confuse it with silk, but at the same time it is much more durable and less prone to snags. I finally have to admit that polyester has come into it's own as a quality clothing fibre. I could not be more shocked!

What has shocked all of you about changes in clothing over the decades - for good or ill, we want to know!!

Jacket: YMI lets UBU (thrifted)
Blouse: Bobeau from Nordstrom
Skirt, pearls: own design
Belt: Betsy Johnson
Sandals: Aerosoles


  1. You are truly your grandmother's clone. She would have loved loved LOVED being part of your total life. Of course, I think she's watchin'.... and smiling big.

  2. Amazing juxtaposition of the seaming on the skirt and cut of the hem. You look wonderful.
    I can't see that double denim applies to black or maybe it's just that you make it look so clever and intentional. Whereas I think the original criticism stems from it being naive and intentional. :) Everybody's such a know-it-all these days.

    I can't think what shocks me but I still don't like fishnets for business. Too boudoir, 50's girlie mag to my eye. And when did jeans move from farmer pants - forbidden to boys to wear to school in my day!- to THE fallback item for a night out. Girls in pants at all in school, forgettaboudit.

    When I graduated h.s., they would still threaten to make you kneel down and see if your skirt hem touched the floor. The next year I came home from college at Thanksgiving and - this being southern California - everyone was in school in shorts and tank tops and halter tops! Dress code out the window. I would've loved that, the freedom, though now I look at the parochial and charter school kids in spiffy "uniforms" and I think it's the smarter way. When I was just out of college the code word was "record store." You could present yourself any old way you wanted to so long as you could get a job in a record store. :)

    Speaking of records, have you seen this that they do every year?

  3. Oh, your husband can pick out a blouse very well! Love it, so swoopy and with a gorgeous print. I wore the Double D today too! It was pouring rain, and I added my denim jacket to my denim skirt for warmth in the air-conditioned pub. Nobody booed me, or anything : >

  4. Great blouse! I love the print. I don't get the dread over double denim - I wear it because its convenient and its not like what you wear need look like a canadian tuxedo - your double d here looks nothing of the sort but rather very chic.

  5. aww, ma........(big smile). You know, Gramma Gigi definitely rocked the rough + femme like nobody's business herself! I'm certain that's where i received my inspiration.

    Thank you Vildy! what a fun riff on the passing of time, and remembering fashions from 'back in the day' - i hadn't heard the 'record store' standard, but i love it! i have heard that 'what kids don't know' from years past, but not recently. it's fun to read!! (tho most kids i know realize most of what they list :)

    Hi Patti! yes he does - and he may have picked a rockin' coat for me, too (keep your fingers crossed for me!) heehee, we jinxed each other on the DD! now that you're wearing it i KNOW it can be stylish ;)

    Hullo Veshoevius! i can see you in this blouse - but with rather more adventurous studded leather jodphur leggings, perhaps?

    "....rather very chic." oh, my reaction to your compliment made me laugh at myself! a while back Mr. E and i went to rural Marin to hear a reading by T.C. Boyle. in attendance were a number of aging, well-off, lady hippies. We had a nice conversation with a group of them, speculating about the identity of Vogelsang in Budding Prospects (apparently based on a real life character who lived in the area for quite a while).

    Mr. E is quite the mimic, and ever since has been slaying me with his rendering of the composite 'older female' Boyle fan - a fruity, tittering, sing song: 'Oh, Coraghessan, you naughty little thing! oooh oooh whoo hoo! not that you would need, heehee, a spanking from mummy, no you would, now, you....." on and on.

    When i read 'rather chic' i perked right up in that 'T.C.Boyle fan' way - "oh, my goodness! "rather chic" ---- hehee!" i don't know if this conveys any of the humor of it, i hope so! at any rate, i should record Mr. E at his tricks and post it for you all.....

    Happy Sunday! steph

  6. Oh, girl, you look fabulous! Funny, I didn't even notice you were wearing double denim until you said so - I think the values of each piece are different enough that it works out just fine. Mr. E has a great eye as usual and that top is amazing on you!
    I remember wearing a LOT of stretchy polyester shirts with bright (hideous) graphic prints on them when I was a teen... ugh! For the world's sake I hope they've stopped making them. =)
    Hope you're doing well, let's get together soon!

  7. aw, thank you Ravina! I have to be honest, in the two weeks i've had this top i've already worn it about five times! i just keep having ideas.....

    man, those tops sounds awfully (in both senses of the word!) familiar! thankfully, they DO seem to be on the wane.

    i'll send you an e-mail! take care, have fun, steph