Friday, October 15, 2010

Be Still My Heart.....

I'm on someone's blogroll!  It's the first i've run across.  Thank you Kelly!

There's a bit of kismet to this - i posted my first blog post on The Dashing Eccentric, then of course called my mom.  Both of my folks are MUCH more computer savvy than i, and i was finally doing 'a computer thing' before mom had. Mom navigated to my page, and said, 'Oh, you have a comment!'  I just about fell off my chair - i hadn't told a soul, and i know how long it takes any blog to get traffic.  It was Kelly, who'd followed me over from the comments at Already Pretty.  That was quick!  Have a great Friday Kelly and everybody else!


  1. Well, you're on mine, but it's Bloglovin, so it's anonymous :) I keep meaning to make a Style Nation blogroll at the side o' my page but I've been too lazy to accomplish that so far.

  2. oh, Cynthia, thank you!!

    also, thank you for admitting that there's 'blog related stuff' that you just haven't gotten around to......some of the bloggers out there are SO on top of it! i admire them tremendously. but, there's other stuff i like to do too, or i just don't feel like it, or i haven't decided how i want to do's nice to know i'm in such good company : )

  3. Congratulations! I have been meaning to update my blog-roll - you'll be on there. :) I also do end-of-year awards...

  4. oh my goodness! that's very exciting, Sheila! i realize i need to update my blogroll too (i can be a lazy blogger). i plan to do so this week. Have a good Monday!! steph

  5. Aw yay! I wouldn't list your blog if I didn't love it. Your outfits are always so lovely and the discussions you cultivate are so unique and enriching.

    There are definitely things I don't know (or care) about blogging. It was a few months after I started by blog before I learned what an RSS reader was! Now I can't imagine living without it.

    I am SO BAD at updating my blog roll. It will go 4 months in between updates and I won't even realize. I think some people get offended if they put me on theirs, and we're friends, but I haven't gotten around to putting them on mine - it's not that I don't care, it's that I'm freaking lazy. Blogger has some sort of thing where it's supposed to automatically import your list from Google Reader and you can tick off the ones that you want, but it has never worked for me - it misses about half!