Tuesday, December 14, 2010

No Repeats W & W: Day One

my ubiquitous cuppa. i average 5 a day.
Last Saturday, sitting on BART on the way to the KPFA crafts fair, i drew up a little 'workaday' capsule, including accessory sets.  I have many days where i have a lot to do around the house, and i tend to put off getting dressed until late morning or early afternoon, by which time i'm all frazzled and it ends up taking even longer to get dressed.......basically, it's just a bad start to the day. It sets a bumbley tone.

So i figured i'd draw up a little capsule to focus my morning dressing, and make it 'idiot proof'. I set some parameters: all the clothes would be appropriate for working around the house, all the items would be comfy (my leg hurts worse in the morning and i just can't bring myself to put on certain items, like jeans, until the meds kick in), and they'd all be 'guaranteed to match'. Kind of like Garanimals.

I wasn't even thinking about Cynthia and Anne's challenge when i drew up my notes. But the challenge is about wearing your neglected pieces. And i do neglect my more casual or basic clothing items, and i've always tended to dress 'dressier'. Tackling the more casual end of my 'style spectrum' (Paula's term) has always been the real challenge for me. So during this challenge i'll dress exclusively from my 'workaday' capsule on Mondays through Fridays, with no repeat outfits (all remixed). This will make it more of a challenge for me, and should be interesting for people who are wondering about wardrobe capsules and how they 'work'. It's a bit of a 'challenge within a challenge', i guess.

My 'reserves': I reserve the right to draw from outside the 'workaday' capsule on holidays, Mr. E's days off, seasonally-specific activities, etc. I reserve the right to add additional items to the capsule if they obviously should be in (but i just forgot - thank you Lyme disease) and/or if i can manage to find the 2-3 waffle/henleys i've been shopping for the past month.

Tomorrow i'll set out my 'workaday capsule' (it's about 20 pieces). The outfit in this post i wore yesterday, drawing from the workaday capsule. The skunk skirt is a little on the fancy end, but it's cotton and a completely comfy piece. The color and pattern cancel out most staining worries. The top is a promotional polo from my mom's former workplace in size XL - too big for anyone i know! It comes down to my mid-thigh point without stretching. I've worn it a couple of times to see if i could pull it off with artful styling, but at this point i've decided to slice and dice it into some species of ruffled tee or tank. Like this - or maybe this? Either way, it stays in the 'workaday world'.

How many of you are also participating in the No Repeats Workdays and Weekends challenge?

Wrap Sweater: Nine West
Polo: gift
Skirt: own design
Shoes: Bass Lacey Oxfords

p.s. it's very foggy and rainy here lately - & it's really bringing out my natural curl!


  1. Your natural curls are beautiful and this is such a lovely outfit, I wish I could pull off those shoes but they're just not suitable for Dubai weather. And the skirt- so pretty! The belt ties everything in so nicely, Love this outfit :)

  2. Your hair is so pretty! (and for the record I noticed that before you mentioned it)

    My hair is wavy but it always looks its curliest when its rainy and foggy, too. If only I could pay someone to follow me around with a fog machine...

  3. The curl in your hair is great! Since mine went gray, it's more coarse and it frizzes much easier. I used to long for straight hair but the older I've gotten, the more I appreciate having curly hair.

  4. I'll be doing a mini wardrobe challenge in a few days - it should be a real tough one as I only have a limited amount of space!

  5. I love that 3 tiered polka dot skirt! and that sweater is a keeper--

  6. Hi Steph! Thanks for stopping by my blog earlier :) You are off to a great start with this outfit, me thinks. Looking forward to doing the challenge alongside you!

  7. I'm sitting this challenge out, but I'm eagerly watching. It's a lovely skirt and the versatility of it is plain to see.

  8. Hi Weesha! or should i say, 'Greetings oh headline-grabbing star of screen, the lovely Luann!' it's so exciting to see how much attention you're getting out there - you've worked so hard for it, and it's so wonderful to see such a nice person out there in the media, plus one who pushes the 'looks boundaries' a bit (well, you are gorgeous, so THAT's expected ; ) thank you! if i was in Dubai i'd be barefoot constantly, goodness!

    Thank you Kelly! yeah, a hair attendant (i was reading that in ancient Greece the rich people had slaves who followed them around and arranged the folds of those gorgeous tunics so people always looked their best - outrageous!) hee hee, or we could live in Mendocino!!

    Hi Joy! hair texture can really change over time, it's wild. i'm happy to hear you are liking being a curly girl : )

    oh goodness, Sheila, now i'm all squirmily curious......@!@

    Thank you Paula! i'm trying to do a pattern off of that sweater, for more colors/variety...scroll down here for a pic of the skirt fabric - click on it to see that it's tiny cherry blossoms....

    Hello Allison! everyone should go check out your blog. that is all.

    Hi Terri! it's fun to watch a challenge - you get to see what people come up with, and there's No Pressure. thank you!