Wednesday, December 29, 2010

No Repeats W & W: Day Twelve

talking to mom's dog

 I wore this look last Sunday, the day after Christmas. We went up to Napa to spend the day with my mother and take her out to dinner. Mr. E came up with the idea of going out for the holiday dinner on the day AFTER the holiday.  It worked out pretty brilliantly, too - no crowds, no need for reservations, no weird 'holiday fare'. We went to Grace's Table in downtown Napa (a few doors down from Pleasures Unlimited, the adult supplies store). A wee bit pricey, but not outrageous. Delicious food. My only regret is that mom and i shared a piece of Devil's Food cake, instead of getting two pieces.

here's Jack!

The belt is an amazing hand-embroidered Central American piece. I found it about a year ago at a private sale up in Mendocino which we stumbled upon while staying in town for our tenth anniversary. I'd been on the lookout for a similar belt for years. This one is almost 1/4" thick, it's got that much work on it, and was $35.00. I've never seen anything remotely similar for under $100.00. The sale is run by an older lady who's been living/traveling in Mayan country since the 1960's, and importing various handwoven articles.

The only trouble with this belt, as far as wearing it goes, is the pink dye. It's not fast at all and wears off on whatever comes into prolonged contact with it (jeans, purse, etc.). So i've been wearing it with black. It really looks stunning with jeans. I haven't worn it with jeans that much because of the dye trouble - but frankly it washes out very easily.  Looks like i've just shot down that reason - prepare to see more of this belt in future!

In this close up you can get a better look at the jewelry. The beautiful garnet and marcasite necklace is from my mother, who i think bought it at an antique shop. The garnets have a really nice color, and are set high to catch plenty of light. The earring is the Thomas Mann piece my mom and i discussed a couple of days ago, in the post and the comments. Both the arrow and the striped piece are moveable.

And here's my outfit from Monday. I realized sometime over the weekend that i've been keeping track of my No Repeats Workdays and Weekends outfits in a misleading manner - i've only been 'numbering' the workday outfits. So this last outfit in this post is 'Day Twelve', while the first outfit is kind of a 'bonus' look. Well, folks, i suppose it would be possible to go back and re-count, re-number, and re-name all this to make it make sense. But with this brain, it would take a ridiculous amount of blood, sweat and tears. Those posts are going to stand as they are - i'll be numbering outfits #1-20 in my 'workaday capsule' as part of the No Repeats challenge, and i'll be showing the weekend outfits without numbers.

 Just goes to show what happens when you try to organize the human brain.

Boxing Day Outfit:
Hat: The Berkeley Hat Co.
Tunic: Converse One for Target
Skirt: gift
Over The Knees: Target
Boots: Bass Lamont

Day Twelve Outfit:
Black Wrap Cardi: Nine West
Henley: Aeropostale
Skirt: own design
Belt: Betsey Johnson
Wool Blend Tights: Hanna Andersson
Shoes: Maine Woods


  1. I love the brunch is gorgeous...I love the Monday skirt and wish I had one...and NEVER share Devil's Food cake, always a mistake!
    (Also, I am having a contest..hope you will enter!)

  2. I love the hat and the belt. Wish I knew of a cure for the dye problem.

  3. That belt is gorgeous... It would go with so many things... and I love a bit of pink so dye away!

  4. Hi Pam! yes, i can't believe how lucky i am to have that belt. i want to find a way to display it in the house when i'm not wearing it, so i can enjoy it more....& if you sew, i can do a tutorial on how to make your own monday skirt - it's easy! let me know, okay?

    Thank you Terri! well, since it washes out easily, i think it'll just wear and wash : )

    Welcome DaniellaBella - i took at look at your blog - can you visualize that pink belt on your golden dress? i don't think i could pull it off but i bet you could! thank you for commenting and have a great day!!


  5. Why is that hat not mine!?!?! It is tremendous! It's really a shame that the belt bleeds dye on everything. It does look fantastic with black, though.

  6. Hello LHdM!!! hee hee, my next-door neighbor ways the same thing - i even tried to find her a dupe at the store it came from, but no luck
    : ( really, this belt could be much more ill-behaved and i'd love it still!!

    have a happy new year's eve!! steph