Monday, December 13, 2010

No Repeats Workdays and Weekends

Hello Everybody! Today is Day one of Cynthia and Anne's first challenge - No Repeats Workdays and Weekends!  In the spirit of a two-sponsor challenge, you can 'play' in one of two ways:

Cynthia Style: do not repeat ANY SINGLE GARMENT during the entire challenge of 30 days. Obviously, i'd be 'pantsless' by the third week if i played this way. So for those of us with the smaller wardrobe, we can play

Anne Style: every outfit of the month must be a re-mix. You can repeat tops, bottoms, third layers, but they must be with a different top, bottom, etc. than they were before. You can wear the same pair of black jeggings every day as long as you pair it with something different on top (sweater, dress, tunic, tee, blouse) everyday.

I wore this outfit for bombing around the house last Thursday - i added the GoreTex jacket and umbrella for my walk. I include the pictures so you can see how i look 'around town', and also for the color! Mr. E worked as a manager of a big retail store in downtown Berkeley years ago, and this wonderful umbrella languished in the lost and found until it came to live with me. I always keep a close eye on this umbrella when i'm out and about - considering it's history... This is my last 'pre-no-repeat' outfit, but i wanted to let you all know that i'm participating and give you a chance to sign up!

In thinking about this challenge i checked back and realized that i've only repeated two outfits in the whole time that i've kept this blog (since June 2010).  And that's in real life - i've worn a number of outfits that didn't make it onto the blog, but of all outfits, both 'blog and non-blog', i've only repeated two of them. For some reason, i'm just a 'natural remixer'. So i signed up for the challenge, but it seems like cheating a little, seeing as it's my natural approach to getting dressed.

the best i could do to show you bracelet & watch
While participating in this challenge, i'm going to try to do a short (er) outfit post every day, featuring the previous days' outfit.  Wish me luck!  How many of you are also participating in the No Repeats Workdays and Weekends challenge? Just how much of a challenge would it be for you, considering how you usually get dressed?

Blouse: own design, inspired by Style Underdog
Skirt: own design
Jacket: Mountain Hardware
Tights: Hanna Andersson
Shoes: Bass Lacey
Belt: Betsey Johnson
Earrings, Bracelet: gifts


  1. That is a gorgeous umbrella.

    I'm not doing the challenge (like you, I'm a natural remixer, so it's not really much of a challenge). I'm also feeling rather blah right now.

  2. I love the color of that raincoat! Excellent "pop"!

    You know, it's funny but when we came up with the challenge, I didn't really think of it as being about remixing, per se.

    I'm doing it to find out how long it takes me to run out of situationally-appropriate outfits if I actually use my whole closet instead of just my tried and true favorites. Not because I don't remix what I do wear, but because I have lots of things lingering about in my closet that I never wear. I'm interested to find out what's left over at the end, and maybe use that as a cue to prune.

  3. Great raincoat! I wonder if I could do this challenge. Might be fun to try.

  4. Sheila - waaah! you're not supposed to feel blah, you're number one most colorful lady : )

    it's okay, really, i'm just joshing you - and pretty understandable, considering. i hope you are feeling perkier in not TOO long!

    Hi Cynthia! funny how the challenge can kind of go almost in a couple of different directions, huh? over the weekend i came up with a 'workaday' capsule for myself (for days at home when i just want to get dressed quick) - i'm thinking of just dressing out of that capsule on m-fs for a couple of weeks, to see how it works for me and maybe people who are interested in capsules mite find it worthwhile.

    i think this challenge sounds like a really great approach for you - esp. to use it as a way to see what could be pruned. i've also been thinking about these challenges as a way to 'enjoy what you have' as opposed to just enjoying the 'getting'. more provoking of thots!!

    Hi Lisa Marie! thank you! i think it'll be lots of fun - and ambitious of you to take it on, with smaller people in your house during the holidays and all : )

    have a fun evening everyone!! steph

  5. You look so cute today--I think its that dirdal type skirt--and the tights.

    Don't know about the challenge--sounds like fun tho...

  6. Hi Paula! thank u!

    & if you don't know about the challenge, go on over and check it out!! if nothing else, you can find out about Cynthia and Anne - both great style bloggin' ladies! steph

  7. Steph--this challenge will be a snap for you. I briefly considered it...but I'm going to take a 10 day hiatus from posting over the holidays, so decided against it. I covet the umbrella and last weekend when I was thrifting, I found myself looking for shoes like YOU wear!

  8. Hi Terri! welll, it SEEMS like it should be right up my alley, but 'pride goeth before a fall', as they say. so i'm trying to treat it with respect (esp. since it's my 1st challenge!).

    have fun on your hiatus! that sounds like a really good idea. and that is very fun about the shoes - best of luck : ) steph