Saturday, July 10, 2010

All This For A Trip To The Grocers

The day i wore this outfit i wasn't sure if i was going to be home all day futzing around or maybe going out and about. Can you guess how things turned out? Not that i'm bitter......

This is another Ann Ferriday top, from one or two years ago. I just love it - the lace is overdyed so there's a nice depth of color, the black details give it an edge and a nice line, the fit skims nicely over the torso so you get a great line without having to wear a belt. I'm contemplating trying to duplicate the fit of this top in a pattern, but i'm undecided if i could pull it off. The neckline is fairly revealing, so i threw on the scarf to go out shopping. So i had the skirt, the scarf, and the hat feathers all floating about in the breeze.........ah, bliss.

Top: Ann Ferriday
Skirt: own design inspired by The Hidden Seed
Shoes: old Borns
All Else: gifts or own design


  1. This is so pretty, Steph - you have such a romantic style! I dabble in this look occasionally, but you really work it well.

    Love the feathers in the hat!

  2. Did you make those earrings and the flower on the necklace? It all looks terrific!

  3. Thanks you for the compliments! i think the romantic style works for me because it 'goes' with my physical style - face, hair, body - while at the same time it allows me to throw in odd elements, like broken watches, feathers, worn out stuff, outdoor/explorer type gear to express my personality.

    well, it's a theory, anyways.

    hi mom! i made the earrings of precious metal clay. the necklace was a gift from Tony from an etsy vendor. unfortunately i can't recall or find out who, but i am keeping my eye out.