Sunday, July 11, 2010


That's Mr. E's verbal rendition of the sound a small animal makes while snoring cutely in it's sleep. Which my adorable handful of readers will be doing after they get a look at this get-up. It was a somewhat less incerneratingly hot, stay at home day and i felt like wearing jeans. The black tee was a no-brainer, and the belt helped keep the pants up. Apparently a daily outfit diary is not the non-stop thrill fest it may appear to be upon first hearing.

I'm skipping forward a bit to show you these more interesting pix. Yesterday we went to Stone Mountain and Daughter, a venerable Berkeley fabric store with P, an old school friend. Stone Mountain has the best selection of apparel fabric in the San Francisco Bay Area, in my view. Britex across the bay is outstanding, but also incredibly pricey. I love to go there and ogle, and will buy there for very special pieces, but Stone Mountain is your place for bread and butter clothes fabrics. (And they have a great selection of special occasion fabrics too.)

Here's Mr. E with a bolt of fabric he's pondering for a shirt:

He's currently undecided, but there's plenty left on the bolt. I'm holding a bolt of Japanese cotton scattered in cherry blossoms - i got enough to make a below-the-knee, tiered ruffle 'rag doll' skirt.

P got a couple of samples to test out as possible curtain material. She got 1/4 yard of each 45" wide fabric and plans to hang it where the curtains will be to live with it a bit and see how she likes it. A prudent plan!

No post tomorrow - i'm sitting the newest member of the family for the day. I'll do my best to get some pix. Everybody have fun out there!

Tee: Target Merona the Ultimate Tee
Jeans: Levi's curvy cut (discontinued)


  1. And your camisole?? Tell all, now. Scritches to the B.

  2. hi ma! cami is my own design. i had leftover linen when i made the ruff for mr. e's renaissance faire outfit, so i used it to make this cami.

    scritches all around at your place!!