Thursday, July 1, 2010


First, blog news. My brother is flying in tonite for the Fourth of July festivities, so i'm not planning on posting for the next few days. I do plan on taking pix, and catching up on posting after the weekend. So stay tuned!

Now - Success! My main goal with this blog was to document what i'm wearing, day to day, to get a practical idea of what i have in my closet, what i'm wearing, and how it works out. Then i can use that information to better come up with new pieces, also to create a 'library' of documented looks that work for low energy/low inspiration days. I generally get dressed in a really unconscious/subliminal way. So it's hard for me to duplicate outfits that work, since i wasn't really paying attention when i put them together.

This outfit would never have come about if i wasn't 'diary blogging'. I was tired and had no ideas yesterday, but i knew i would feel like a knucklehead if i didn't make any effort. So i started with this skirt, because i hadn't worn it in a while. Then i thought 'ah, how about some black to toughen it up - plus it's supposed to be cooler today, so black won't make me broil in the sun'. I rolled up the tunic sleeves to free up the movement in the shoulders, the flats were a no-brainer. When i got ready to go out and about, i wanted a statement necklace (to play off the detailing at the top of the tunic), but the strong enough ones were all a little fancy. So i went multiple. I added the link bracelet to balance out the necklaces. And.........Tada! Outfit!

At the last minute i threw on the jacket to deal with a mighty wind outside, and i loved the outfit even more. It's definitely casual, but quirky and comfortable. I can switch out the accessories, hair, shoes and stockings to change up the look. (For example, put my hair up, add dangly earrings and sparkly necklace, wear heels and fishnets with a petticoat under the skirt - fun going out to dinner and a movie, no?)

Plus, the skirt and tunic both billow and swirl in the wind most fetchingly. Really, this is one time i wish i had a photographer following me around! Maybe sometime in future.....And the sad face? I was commiserating with a certain hairy someone who needed something warm and delicious in his tummy. See if you can spot the hairs at the bottom of the photograph.

How nice when you have an idea, follow it through, and get the results you wanted! And frankly, how unusual.

Tunic: Converse One Star at Target
Skirt: own design
Jacket: Royal Robbins (altered)
Belt: vintage Coach
Sox: Target
Jewelry: gifts or own design


  1. Hi, thanks for popping by my blog. Your blog is lovely and is inspiring me to finish my own DIY projects!!! Have a lovely fourth.

  2. I love all the interesting layers in your outfits - that's something I'm definitely looking to emmulate.