Friday, July 16, 2010

Getting A Grip On This Blogging Thing

So i've been blogging for a bit over a month now - this should be my 31st post so around a month of blog posts. It's the kind of milestone that puts a gal in a reflective type of mood. What have i garnered so far?

1. I have more clothing flexibility than i thought. I figured i'd be scrambling for new outfits by the end of the month, but there's a few summer thing that i haven't even worn yet. There are a few more items i would like, and that would be useful, but i'm closer to where i'd like to be than i realized.

2. I'd like more color in my outfits. Not TOO much more - say, a colorful necklace and scarf in an outfit will do me (no one panic, i'm not giving up my life-long allegiance to beige). I've been seriously scarf shopping, but i can't find what i want out there. So after i make a couple more skirts and tops, i plan to focus on scarves, ribbon pins, necklaces in colors.

3. I like the idea of 'sets' of accessories that i can rely on to 'pump up' an outfit. Hey! A blog would be a great place to keep track of those sets!

4. I plan to 'focus' (ouch!) on taking clearer pictures of the clothes. So i'm paying more attention to conducive lighting, distance from camera, etc. At least i can post a clear detail pic when the outfit pic isn't so clear. I am sans tripod, so the camera is always set up in landscape format when i take my timer pix. But i think i can come up with a cradle to keep it on end so i can get closer to the camera and still get a full-length shot.

5. One or two more pair of pants would be nice. I've found some on blue collar catwalk that look like a promising idea - lightweight, fuller leg but flat-front pants made of patterned fabric. They should go with my general style and be comfortable enough that i'd wear them.

6. I think i have enough of a feel for what i'm up to that i can start usefully labeling blog posts soon.

So, opinions anyone?

(That includes you, Mr. Eccentric - i know you read this when i'm not looking.)

Now the important stuff - that's our family's newest member, Sophie the Swedish Vallhund! I puppy-sit her occasionally when her parents will be away all day, since she is still only a few months old. She is just a sweetie. They are herding dogs, everything from cows to sheep to ducks.

I wore this Donna Karan for Vogue Patterns jacket unbuttoned here. The pockets are perfect for leashes, extra treats, plastic bags, and so on. The E's really need to get up to eccentric's north and get some pictures of the other four-footed family members in residence there.

Jacket: Donna Karan for Vogue Patterns 2862, made by me
Capris: Royal Robbins
Shoes: old Borns


  1. First of all - that puppy is adorable. I want her. Think you could smuggle her over to Kentucky? Her family would never notice!

    If you're in the market for a tripod, I bet you'd like the gorillapod, since you take pictures outside and in the woods sometimes. I don't have one but everyone I know who has one loves it. There's one on Amazon for under $20.

  2. Sophie is something else ! and quite the talker - i can just imagine strolling casually through the airport, with my canvas bag emitting all manner of squeaks, little grunting noises, squeals, yelps...nothing to see here! just move along!!

    and thank you for the tripod tip. i'm starting to nose around, and it's nice to see how reasonable they can be. i've noticed some other bloggers use the gorillas as well. though to be honest we live right next to some open space, so i take most of my pix right at the back of the house. we're really really lucky.

  3. I love that jacket!
    I have a tripod, but my partner has commandeered it for his projection needs. I actually use a bar stool (sometimes balanced on law books, but not anymore), with my crappy point an shoot on its side, and set up 2 Ikea lamps right in front and open all the shades. I can get decent pictures if I take them in the mornings (the room is east facing).
    I look forward to seeing more accessory combinations!

  4. hullo Rad! it's good to know i'm not alone in using these jerry-rigged systems....i like to use the ironing board, as it's height is adjustable (i can even add cookbooks on top). you've expanded my 'repertoire'.

    thanks on the jacket! sometime i'd like to make it again in some type of crinkly/shiny material (instead of a flat cotton). it's a great combo of very stylized and very practical.