Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Everybody Loves A Parade

This is what i wore on the Fourth of July. No parade for me. But mom watched it earlier in the day, and Mr. E and i did wander about the closed-off main streets of Napa towards evening. There were food vendors, three live music stages, picnics, and people-watching as folks staked out the best firework viewing spots. My outfit kept the sun off and seemed to cheer people up, so i give it thumbs up.

I was pleasantly surprised by the way the double-strap mary janes and black crochet sox read as curvy little ankle boots. I've filed that away in my beaney little noggin for later. And here's a tip for increasing the 'remix' possibilities of your wardrobe. The underskirt is actually a Liberty of London for Target little cotton chemise. Until now, i've just been wearing it as a nightie - here's how Sal of Already Pretty styled it the other day. It's pretty short and has smocking in the back. I turned the straps and cups inside the skirt, then used a couple of safety pins to take in the fullness on the sides until it sat at the length i wanted.

Lemme tell ya, clothes in this house gotta be ready for ANYthing!!

Dress: Converse One for Target
Underskirt: Liberty of London for Target (looks like they're sold out)
Shoes: Clark's Passion
Belt: Betsey Johnson
All Else: gifts or made by me


  1. I love the little lacey socks with the shoes - totally cute! Great idea with the underskirt!

  2. The belt! The belt! I liked everything, but esp. the belt. The parade was great, just everything I wanted it to be. It was one of the best Fourth of July celebrations ever! Yay!