Tuesday, July 20, 2010

If You Can't Stand The Heat

Snuggle up to your chiminea. Obviously! I woke up the day i wore this outfit with an awful headache from getting overheated the day before. In case you haven't noticed, i'm overly sensitive to heat and thus obsessed with high temperatures. Living where i do, there's plenty for me to obsess about. As long as i take certain precautions i do okay, but i blew it and paid the price. So i decided to try to cheer myself up by dressing fun. It worked (along with some time in bed with ice on my head).

Generally i wear this skirt as a petticoat, for extra warmth, or coverage with a sheer skirt, or when i want a row of buttons peeking out the hem of my dress. Somewhere, sometime, i saw a skirt with mixed buttons equally spaced along it's hem and decided to try a similar idea on this skirt. I thought it would look so cute with the stripes and the eyelet trim. The buttons are just random ones leftover from other projects or ripped off Mr. E's worn out shirts. They make a wonderful 'snick, snick' sound when they hit against each other as i walk.

Tank: Jockey
Skirt: own design
Scarf: gift
Rose pin: own design


  1. Love the skirt - well, the whole outfit, but the stripes on the skirt material are very appealing. Also, the eyelet and buttons make it so 'not stripey'. Very cool.

  2. First of all - *gasp* - what a gorgeous parasol! I have a paper one with a painted design that I use in the summer ($10 in Chinatown here), but that one is just breathtaking.

    Secondly, love the button idea! I have a huge tin of buttons from old clothes that have been crying out for use.