Monday, July 19, 2010

Baking In The Heat

Yep, i decided to do some (needed) baking on the day it topped out at 97 degrees. Not just that. It rose to 90 degrees around 11:00am, then didn't dip below 90 again until around 8:30 that night. Brutal! So the next couple of days i was pretty beat, concentrating on getting enough water, rest, and shade.

Here's the 'Lady Pilot' skirt with it's buttons. As usual, when i get a new addition to my wardrobe i like to wear it kind of a lot - it's my 'new toy'. I really admire the self restraint of bloggers who get new things and wear them only once the first month. It's like only eating one potato chip and then stopping. Not that i know what that's like, either.

This eyelet top is basically my ubiquitous 'cami top' with sleeves added and a hook and eye closing instead of buttons. This last picture is very typical of my approach to clothes - a bunch of unnecessary fastenings, most of which aren't even functional (there's no pockets behind those pocket flaps, the laces could just as easily tied in the back, the buttons don't button (i didn't even make fake holes), and the belt isn't holding the skirt up or together. It just has a little zipper and two buttons on the side so i get get in and out of it.

You may notice i'm wearing shoe liners instead of peds in the top picture - a really nice change of look. Plus, they're black with white dots, so it was fun to see the bits that peek out.

How. Ever. They had huge holes in the toes after the first wearing. I feel my inaugural product review coming on............

Top: own design
Skirt: own design, inspired by some girls wander
Shoes: old Borns
Belt: old old old
Shoe Liners: oh fiddle, i've forgotten the brand, but they have a bunch left at the TJ Max around the corner. i'll get the info so you can all be warned.


  1. I adore fastenings, functional or not.

    I am not a fan of the white blur effect in your first picture, however.

    I tend to wear a new item and then either chuck it in the wash or hang it up - and I like spread the love around in my closet so that none of the clothes get jealous of a new item getting worn too much, hah!

  2. it's so funny the way we have 'relationships' with our clothes! i'm reading The Thoughtful Dresser by Linda Grant. She has one chapter titled 'Our Fabric Friends' all about those relationships, the emotions we have about our clothes and the ones we project onto them. for me it's one of the most enjoyable parts of the book.

    re: first foto - i'm not thrilled with it either. ya win some, ya lose some - the beauty of a blog is you put something different up the next day. as i've said, i'm committing to getting pictures that show the clothes more clearly and capture more of the 'feel' i was going for....taking a couple more pix to get the pose how i want, or the skirt to fall a prettier way. i've gotten more of a feel for the camera, the lighting around here at different times of day and so on so i think i'm at a level where i can concentrate on kinda aesthetic 'issues' some more. hopefully ; )

    p.s. i like the 'spot the ears' in your post today!!