Saturday, July 24, 2010

What I Really Wear

Monday through Friday, day in day out, dusting, cleaning, knocking down cobwebs (and we have some busy spiders over here!), cooking,'ll find me in this sturdy yellow apron. Mom got it for me at Shackford's and i've been using it ever since. I'm clumsy, absent-minded, and perform messy jobs and chores. With this apron, made of denim-thick fabric, i can wear my most frivolous finery with no fear of eggy-flour handprints on my hips!

The day i wore this outfit was very eventful. I baked some bread (as you know by now). I jerry-rigged a system for taking self-timer pictures with the camera ON IT's END! A major coup in my quest for more clarity in outfit pictures. I celebrated by stretching out for this photo:

We had a wee wisp of fog in the morning, so i took the opportunity to bogart one of Mr. E's shirts to create a little plaid on floral action, and pretend i needed to bundle up. Apparently i didn't really need to, since it turned into a perfect day for washing the quilt and hanging it out:

The nite before, lying in bed before drowsing away, i had a brainstorm. I noticed how useful these liliswan earrings are - i can throw them on with just about anything and they'll work. They have that romantic-retro vibe, and a balanced palette that adds interest without being overpowering. How about more earrings along these lines......i recalled some clear quartz heart beads i'd found at the Renaissance Faire a couple of years ago. How cute would they be with black ribbon bows atop? Unfortunately i have no black ribbon, haven't seen any that would work at Joann's, let's see, hmmmmm......i do have scraps from the skunk skirt. I could cut bias strips and make bows of those.....

Hooray! They have hearts, bows, transparency, good light/dark contrast, all that stuff i love. This blue dress is maybe along the lines of fifteen years old. I wore it on one of my first dates with Mr. E. The long princess seams are so flattering and easy to wear i've been thinking of making another dress along similar lines. The Artful Dodger Virtue dress from Hot Patterns looks tempting.

Plaid Shirt: Converse
Dress: Smith & Hawken
Apron: Shackford's
Shoes: Dollhouse
Necklace: liliswan
Earrings: own design


  1. Thanks for the shout-out to Shackford's! Such a wonderful shop, sigh. So, in one post, I get to see you making bread, that great apron, an up-n-down pic, your fabulous quilt (still gorgeous after all this time), bow-y earrings. That's a lot to see! Yay!

  2. That's such a pretty outfit! I love the close-ups of your accessories. You're so clever re: making earrings!

  3. Hello,
    I just read "Not Your Typical Style Blog". I guess I missed it last time I visited. That description is exactly who I would expect you to be. You are a very enjoyable person to read about. I going to go back further in your blog to learn more.
    Thank you for your comments on my blog.

  4. heavens to betsy, what nice comments! thank you Sheila! (i'm getting better with the macro function). and style u, you didnt' miss my 'manifesto' before, i just put it up yesterday. it seemed only fair to let folks know i'm up to something a little different here....

    mom, you're so right about Shackford's! anyone who is in the wine country and likes food, cooking, kitchen stuff, baking, grilling, etc. should definitely make a visit to Shackford's.