Wednesday, August 18, 2010

The Blogger and Compromise

So most of the day i ran around in barefeet and no hat. (I did wear the jewelry shown.) As preparation for my evening constitutional, i put on this hat and shoes.

This blog is presented as a daily outfit blog. 'Fantasy' outfits are labelled as such. As i set up to take my daily photos, i realized i'd wandered into an ethical quandry - should i show hat and shoes, or bareheaded and unshod?

As you can see, i split the difference. Yes hat, no shoes.

What ethical dilemmas do you wrestle with, inside or outdoors of your blogging life?

Tunic: Converse One Star at Target
Tank: Jockey
Skirt: own design, inspired by The Hidden Seed
Scrap Petti: own design, inspired by Alisa Burke


  1. This is indeed a dashing ensemble! 'Love the hat, and the "petticoat" layered under the lovely light skirt.

    My blogging-related ethical quandries include: whether or not to show my face in photos (so far, not), and shopping for ethically produced clothing and accessories (so far, keep slipping up).

  2. Right now I'm just wrestling with shopping withdrawal at the beginning of the GAAD and with how much I like shopping in general, and as always with the ethical dilemma of being somewhat overprivileged in a society where there is vast inequality and how to live that.

  3. Well, I say, if you actually did wear the shoes and the hat, even just for a little bit, they count as part of the ensemble! You could always do two pictures - one with and one without!

    P.S. I hope you are aware that you are a layering master.

  4. I always photograph my outfits exactly as I wear them (if I take a jacket off, I'll take a shot of the outfit sans jacket).

    Ethically elsewhere, I try to buy as much second-hand, and non-China/other developing country/sweatshop-made clothing as I'm able. I also try to buy from local businesses in my downtown, or if I shop in a mall, from a Canadian-owned chain.

    I love this outfit a whole lot. You really have the best looks.

  5. how nice to come home after a hectic day and find such thoughtful comments! i was being a bit 'twee' on presenting this as an 'ethical dilemma'. but i'm thankful you all gave serious answers, because everything you mentioned is important to me as well.

    A-Dubs: ethically produced items is a big one. it's one of the reasons i like sewing (to avoid sweatshops). at the same time, it's rough to get ethically produced materials...but i hope that making a longer-lasting garment out of those materials may reduce the negative aspects in the long run.

    Cynthia: all i can say is - you said it better than i could about our society. also, i'm said to have a knack for talking people out of purchases, so feel free to contact me if you could use that kind of input : )

    Kelly: you're right, more pix is good! but, esp. when it's cold, i tend to be 'adjusting' things all day long - sweater on, scarf on, shoes, no shoes, hat , sweater off, belt, different hat, i try to draw the line as best i am able.

    Sheila: the hard-line superhero approach - i love it! non-sweatshop is wonderful, and i'm all for getting as much use out of objects as possible before throwing them away. that's one idea i hope i can help get across here - that through re-mixing and repurposing you can have all that self-expression and style fun without having to constantly use new physical resources. to me thrifting, swapping, etc. is very much along the same lines.
    and buy local! a renewed focus on local resources and networks could be a very positive possible outcome of the collapse of some of the globalist institutions...

    and thank you all for the compliments on the clothes!!