Tuesday, August 10, 2010

How To Use Moleskin

(above) Cut a circle of moleskin to size.

(okay, just my tootsies, but that first one is notoriously big!)

The truly dashing outdoorsperson knows how to keep their feet in fine fettle while on the trail, and proper use of moleskin is a vital element of that knowledge. Truly classy eccentrics take extra in case they run across someone in need of initiation to this podiatric art.

How To Use Moleskin:
Moleskin is a sheet of chamois-like material with an adhesive back and peel-off liner. Moleskin has thickness, which is it's function. When you have a blister or can see one forming, your goal is to take the pressure off the blister and keep anything from rubbing on it (which is what causes blisters in the first place). Use your scissors to cut a circle of moleskin around an inch in diameter bigger than the blister's diameter. Slice from the outer edge towards the middle to cut away a hole a little bigger than the blister. Start to peel the backing away from one end, and surround the blister with the moleskin 'donut'. Add enough layers of moleskin to keep your shoe from rubbing on the blister.

I've seen people recommend putting moleskin over the blister, but this doesn't stop the rubbing and is useless in my experience. Be sure to take your moleskin and your scissors with you wherever you go, and nothing will stop you!!

Cut a hole in your circle a little bit bigger than your blister.

Check the fit of your moleskin piece and adjust as necessary. You don't want to apply any moleskin on the blister proper.

Peel the backing away from one end of your circle and apply around your blister. Add additional layers of moleskin as needed to stop rubbing. You may apply a band-aid over the moleskin to protect any open wounds.

Keep on Truckin'!


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