Thursday, August 26, 2010

Your Half-Bird Blogger

Looking at this pick, i'm getting the feeling that i have a recurring need to 'perch' in outfit photos. Let's go back in time.....yep, this was a definite perch. Taking this one i almost knocked down both bookcases and the sideboard. Not strictly perching here, just hanging around in the trees. I did have to hop on up to get on level with Rasputin.

Humph. I thought there'd be more. Apparently increased perching is in order. (Seeing as i'm an eccentric birdwatcher and all.)

This was my brilliant 'guerilla shopping' outfit for the REI sale - the ideas was i could try pants on under the skirt with no 'modesty issues' (ie. flashing fellow shoppers and being escorted out by security). But REI is more radical than i anticipated in it's guerilla sales techniques, and there wasn't time to do ought but grab. Ah well, it was comfy, with my arms free for maximum grabbability.

And my fellow shoppers liked the socks.

Here's a better pic of the detail on this dress bodice. I realize i'm 'off' on the whole calendrical approach to outfit blogging camping and the camping series (i just had to get that off my chest!!!) got me around one and three-eighths of a week behind. More or less. Next week i'll be taking off another few days from blogging, which will set me back even further. However, i plan to do some 'double outfit posts' when i get back from that break and get more caught up. I don't care a lot about being really strict on posting within 24 hours of wearing an outfit, but i don't want to be posting stuff weeks later, either. I started this blog with NO PLAN WHATSOEVER, so i'm still on a learning curve. At this point i do have a better feel for what daily posting is like for me, and what a series involves, how to stay organized and what type of planning is really necessary. Just enough to feel like i can start to plan ahead a little re: my blog.

Which is a roundabout way of saying - thank you for your indulgence, i should be on a more up-to-date posting schedule in mid-late September, and if you have any brilliant advice and or requests, lay it on me! I am working on an idea for another series on 'taking inspiration'. How do you translate visual inspiration to an outfit that works for you? If you have any questions concerns, or examples related to the issue of inspiration let me know!

Dress: Peruvian Connection
Hat: vintage ???
Shoes: old Borns
Belt: vintage Coach
Flower Pin: own design
Mismatched Socks: Little Miss Matched


  1. I love those socks. And the fact that this is called the "italian widow dress" in the tags.

  2. Ooh, I love the detail on the top of that dress - just lovely.

    I wouldn't worry so much about what you're posting when. Just post what you feel like, when you feel like it (and you know you can create a bunch of links on your sidebar to things like your camping series, right? so it'll always be there, nice and timeless?). Write your blog for yourself, as if no one was reading! Because if you don't enjoy writing it, what's the point?

    For inspiration, I look at colour and I often look at colours in nature (of course pink and purple go together, I see them in gardens all the time!).

  3. Hi Cynthia! we amuse ourselves as best we can....

    Hi Sheila! wise words. periodically i get these urges to 'Get Organized'. and sometimes it's actually worthwhile! so i end up encouraging myself...and i have noticed how you have your 'highlights' linked to on the side of your blog. i've been planning (there's that werd again) to steal that idea from you, just not got around to it yet.

    it's funny - i decided to tag my clothes individually, and having them in that cloud format is nice when i'm deciding what to wear in the morning - i can see what i haven't worn recently, what could use more love, etc. and i can more easily remember styling ideas that i liked and would want to repeat with a tweak. if you're a person that's into clothes and style it's a lot of fun to have all that info at your fingertips.

    pink and purple, hooray!!! & thank you for your thoughts!