Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Tiptoeing About, Spouse Has Tummy Trouble

The title explains the inglorious introductory photo of my new skirt. Poor Mr. E had been having stomach upset all day at work, so he came home and fell sound asleep. I didn't want to bother him with excessive photo-fiddling, which resulted in a lower-quality type photo. Oh well, i'm just one of those old-fashioned 'i put my priority on real life' luddites!

But i did get a decent close-up of the top. I'd like to point out that i have taken it in since i wore it in this early post, where i complained about the fit. One item crossed off of the to-do list!

Do any of you wear your rings on a necklace when you're doing a lot of dirty or watery things? I like to still be wearing my rings, even if they're not on my hands. I think they're less likely to be lost as well.

I went out on a limb a bit with this skirt. The bright colors and specific pattern mens that it won't go with EVERY OTHER THING in my wardrobe, which is how i've been approaching additions up until now. But i feel that i have enough 'basics' covered to sneak this in. And since i can wear a casual cotton skirt 5-6 days of the week, it will get used - not like a fancy skirt i'd only wear to an opera opening. The warm color palette augmented with warm neutrals of the pattern also make this skirt easy to wear with a number of my existing tops. It's cheerful and fun and the material barely touches my legs so it's really comfortable. And it's fun to have an item that is strictly casual and fun!

P.S. I'm working on a series about remaining stylish whilst roughing it - we had a wonderful camping trip on our recent vacation. I've been camping many many times since i was 2-3 years old, so if you have any issues you would like me to address please leave a comment or send me an e-mail. Thanks!

Top: own design
Skirt: own design
Scarf as belt: gift
Sandals: Naturalizers


  1. Sorry about your spouse's tummy!
    That blouse is just beautiful!

  2. Thank you Rad! i was so happy when i found directions to the boullion embroidery stitch. i love that type of rose. and no worries, hubby is back in fightin' trim.

  3. That skirt is lovely -- I think it will go really well with your neutrals.

  4. Heh, I love the "Umbrella skirt" label. :)

    You know I love me a pop of colour (or three), so this gets the thumbs up for me!

    I leave my rings on all the time, unless I'm making pizza dough, then they go in my jeans pocket.

  5. Thank you Cynthia, i think you're right. But you know how you can get in a rut, and be nervous about trying something a wee bit different....

    I thought you would approve of the color, Sheila! when i was young i had a boyfriend who's mom lost her diamond in playdough while teaching her first grade class. It really made an impression on me and i'm very vigilant about my jewelry. esp. my wedding ring, since the stone is pretty unusual and would be very hard to replace.