Friday, August 6, 2010

Shoppin' On The Noggin

Here's a little better look at the umbrella skirt. I love that frog, i couldn't bear to crop him out of the picture. Mr. E picked him up to hold up the umbrella in the middle of our outdoor table. Capturing him in a photo with the umbrella skirt was only a matter of time.

Here's a look at the details on this top. It turns out that the light in our shower is just right for catching these hard-to-photograph details. This is the original cami-top. My good friend, BZ, sent me a similar style of top which she'd found at a yard sale. It solved my problem of what to wear when it's boiling out but you feel like a schmuck wearing a black sports bra like ever other woman in this town. Fortunately it was a snap to copy the style, it takes less than a yard of fabric, and the possibilities for embellishment are just about endless.

Tomorrow morning Mr. E and i plan to get up at the veritable crack of dawn to queue up for the semi-annual REI used gear sale. REI stocks all variety of outdoor gear, from kayaks to bikes to tents, backpacks, shoes, and clothing and on and on. The used gear sales are famous for incredible bargains on barely-touched items (REI has a liberal return policy). This will be our first time attending one of these events - it looks to be pretty intense. From the website:

"Get your membership card ready, so you can check out the rock bottom prices on our used gear and clothing...... Due to the popularity of the first day of this event, we will issue reservation tickets for Saturday shoppers. These tickets will be given out Saturday morning, every half-hour, beginning at 8 am, and will allow 15-minute access to the sale. Twenty tickets will be issued for each 15-minute shopping interval. Only one ticket will be given to each person, and each person must be present to receive one."

Yee-haw! I can really use some new cargo pants (my best have recently develop a 6 inch long tear in the upper thigh). REI also carries Smartwool socks and Dansko clogs. A safari vest would be a lot of fun, i only have four belts so i'm always on the lookout there, you know me and hats.....but all will depend on who has returned what. I'm very happy to be attending with Mr. E - the most outstanding shopper i've ever met.

Sad news. A month or so ago i saw this Raccoon Rumpus blouse in an Anthropologie store. It's been on my mind ever since, but has sold out. I had entertained a fantasy that such an exceptional garment (yes, those are realistic racoons cavorting on 100% cotton swiss dot) would be a complete commercial flop and subject to drastic markdowns, at which point i'd swoop in and claim my rightful bounty. Alas, it was not to be........(swelling violins in the background).

The chances of finding similar fabric anywhere also suck. However, a nice swiss dot with strategic raccoon embroidery? Distinctly possible!

Hat: gift
Top: own design
Skirt: own design
Sandals: Naturalizers


  1. Not what you have in mind, but it's a thought:

  2. I like the cami - very pretty and such a great cut on you.

    Oh, I hate it when items I'm stalking sell out! It just seems unfair.