Wednesday, August 25, 2010


This is last Saturday in the Marina district of San Francisco. Yes, that's a wool tweed jacket and wool blend tights. I was comfortably clothed for the weather. It was in the sixties but with mucho wind coming through the Gate. I'm holding onto my hat for real!

This is yesterday in my carport at 5:15pm. It was 105 degrees fahrenheit, down a bit from 106 earlier. I had a short little photo session (but i'm so dedicated - or is that deluded? - that i didn't bug out of it!).

I'd been wanting to take some pix for you all in this spot for weeks but didn't get around to it until last night. When i cropped the photo i was tickled the way the rectangles in it give a little Fibonnaci's spiral feel.

Three days later and maybe twenty five miles away as the crow flies? And you go from brisk fall day to Death Valley summer. This is why you hear people go on and on about the weather around here. Oh, and we may have to cancel a trip to the Sonoma coast Sunday because of rain. In the dry, high-fire danger season.

Thank you for stopping by! I'm off to wallow in the spectacle of my brain poaching gently in a light broth. It WAS a bunch of fun to play 'fall dress up' last weekend......i'll just daydream about that while i put ice cubes down my brassiere....

Raise your hand if you're ready for fall! Here's some tweedy morsels to tempt you, meanwhile:

mmmmm......layers......... (drool).......

Hat: ???
Jacket: vintage J. Crew
Dress: April Cornell
Tights: gift
Shoes: old Borns
Scarf, Flower Pins, Necklace: own design
Belt: vintage coach

Bandanna: Target
Cami top: own design
Skirt: own design
Belt: very vintage
Earrings: liliswan (ooh! she has a bunch of nice new things!)
Necklace: origins lost in the mists of time


  1. I truly enjoyed my sweater and jeans-wearing vacation in the cloudy, chilly Mission District. The hot you're having now, we've had here all summer, for weeks on end without relief.

  2. Hi Cynthia! i'm glad you enjoyed your visit - it looks like you came back with some great pre-GAAD swag as well ; ) !

    i'm sorry to hear about your weather situation. we're having an unusually cool summer this year. i felt that i was taking a big risk starting an outfit blog in the summer - no one wants to see a pic of me in my skivvies every few days!

    i just have difficulty tolerating the heat because of some chronic health troubles. also, i'm a house spouse and don't want to run the a/c any more than need be (energy use, $$, etc.) so i'm in it a lot. but a lot less this year than the last ten!

  3. Nice use of the Fibonacci sequence! I actually know what that is (I took a lot of art classes).

    Love the tweed...I have a bunch in my wardrobe and yes, I'm ready for fall!

  4. "...(I took a lot of art classes)."

    ha! i knew it! your color sense especially is so beyond beyond......that level of sophistication takes a lot of experience and practice. i get so many ideas from seeing what you put together! i'm looking forward finding out to what you get up to this fall. steph