Friday, August 13, 2010

Remaining Stylish Whilst Roughing It: Casual Accessorizing Part Two

Now, on to the three outdoor looks based on a sleek, black base. Again, i'm not too thrilled with these leggings. Some type of thicker fabric would look (and perform) better. In addition, i would not suggest stomper boots worn with only crochet socks for any activity! But crochet socks would really stand out over a contrasting color wooly sock and make a great statement. You could also use fishnet socks.

I chose to make the graphic tee as the starting point for this outfit (hat tip to Sheila). The hard edged lines and black color of the base pieces suggested at least one edgy, rocker type of look. The Brooklyn Bridge brings New York to mind, that edgiest of all metropolis's and the complete antithesis of the 'nature spot' (i love sending a confusing message). Any clunky black hiking boots will give a similar vibe to this look. The black bandanna is fun as well, being a staple piece for outdoor wear as well as in punk ensembles.

If i'd had another belt that would've worked i would have layered on one more. In this type of look, and in outdoor looks generally, i like to layer a bunch of accessories in one area where they will make a bigger statement and also be 'out of the way'. Here it's the belts on the hip, but layering scarves and pins securely on top of a hat or around your neck where they peek out of the neckline of your hard shell works well also. Grouping accessories next to each other increases the visual impact compared to 'sprinkling' them here and there throughout an ensemble. By wearing a few pieces in a group you need fewer pieces to get the same visual impact. Some areas where you can wear accessories will not interfere with your activities while others can really pester the heck out of you. Dangling earrings and long necklaces can catch on things and bracelets can get in the way.

For this look any mid layer piece in black or dark grey would work well. A black straw hat (maybe a boater?) would be really cool for a sun hat. If you found a cheap one you could spray paint it. Or tie black fishnet or lace over a natural straw hat, then finish your chapeau with a black bandanna around the crown.

I thought i'd try a softer look here, using pink to 'girly up' the black. More of the 'base' pieces are covered by the tunic-length pink floral top, the scrunched-down over the knee socks, and by letting the pink and brown scarf spread out over the shoulders. The brown belt picks up on the brown in the scarf and beret and looks a little less harsh than a black belt would have. In this case i put a pink ribbon flower on the brown wallet on a string.

The flocked flowers are original with the beret - they have a pinkish cast. I added the purple ribbon flower to define the neckline a bit more. A black fleecy would be a fine mid layer with this ensemble, or you could try a pink one, a pink wool cardigan (with flower buttons!), any pink based plaid flannel shirt or pink based printed corduroy shirt. Deep ecru lace (as a scarf or as trim on gloves or socks) would be a nice touch and would make this look more romantic.

The pink outfit used black as a background. In the first look black is integral to the feel of the outfit. In this outfit black plays a role in between those two - it plays the background role, but also is the element tying the different prints together. The teal spider top, leopard print scarf, bandanna, tiger stripe socks, and leopard print trim on the gloves all have black in their patterns. The black helps to tie so many different elements together as well as to the base pieces (leggings and jacket).

Looking at what i had on hand to create this last outfit, i liked the way a range of blues played off of khaki tones. Teal top, grey-blue scarf, blue-green socks, and blue fabric flower on one hand, khaki shoes, leopard print scarf, leopard trim on gloves on the other. The stripe scarf and the glove trim both have brown in their patterns, which helps the brown of the hat 'read' as part of the khaki team. I couldn't get the earrings to photograph well - they are gold with blue moonstones.

In this outfit the blue flower on the khaki scarf provides a pop of lighter tone and a focus to all this pattern and range of color.

A word on grooming while camping. Generally, keep it simple. I trust you will be able to think of something more interesting to do than spending half an hour in the bathroom blow-drying your hair (not to mention that you will incur the everlasting ire of your campmates, freezing their tooshies while hopping up and down on one foot in the cold). A low ponytail, a simple topknot or french twist, or french braids will keep your hair out of the way and looking neat when you take your hat off. I get the neatest results when i put some gel in damp hair and put it up when it's wet.

Products that can multitask should be your first choice. Sunblock you can tolerate on body and face, the same with cleanser and moisturizer. You can try a little moisturizer thinned with water to smooth down flyaway hair. Unscented baby wipes are great for cleaning all over, though for me they get too drying to use every single day on my face so i take some gentle cleanser along.

For makeup i just like some foundation/concealer, powder to set it, eyebrow pencil or powder, lipliner/stick and gloss, and tubing mascara. I use the eyebrow stuff to line my eyes, and lipstick or liner as blush if i get inspired. I do like to take Monistat Anti-Chafing Gel to use as a primer - the dimethicone makes your makeup go one smoother and last longer, plus it also protects against dryness and wind. Just spread a pea-sized amount over your moisturizer and sunblock and then apply your makeup. No waiting required.

Tomorrow - per reader request, i'm doing a 'polyvore on the floor' of my last camping wardrobe, with photos of my camping outfits at Gualala Point Regional Park.


  1. Great colour and accessory combos! I love your eye for detail.

  2. Thank you! i got more than i thought i would out of 'forcing' myself to come up with these different looks, even though i don't think i would wear any of these three just as they are. it just gets you to look at what you have and what you do with it in a new way.

    No wonder all those challenges are so popular! (btw you are already kicking all of our tushies in the upcoming wonder woman conference....)

  3. Those boots remind me of a trip to London ca. 1986. Nice polish.

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  5. hello birthday boy!

    yeah - it's my Malcolm McClaren Memorial camping outfit ; )

  6. Hi Ms Tinyjunco,
    I'm so delighted to have discovered your blog, and have just looked at all your posts. At last, style I can relate to! I adore intense detail, subtle colouring and complex head-to-toe layering in outfits, and so far you're the only blogger I've come across who seems to dress along these lines. These pattern and colour combinations you've come up with for the camping theme are divine - and thanks for the illuminating explanations. They are of interest to me, as I don't feel that I'm as informed as I'd like to be of the logic behind good combinations; I'm still combining using a try-it-on-and-see process, which is rather time-consuming. Thanks for taking the time to start blogging.
    PS. It's a real buzz to see pics of someone who actually wears hats!

  7. welcome lyrebird! thank you for your very kind words. i've noticed different commenters posting about how they'd like more info about putting together outfits, ideas and how-tos on how to combine color, pattern, texture successfully. so i've been including more of that type of info - i'm glad you find it helpful.

    check out the links on the side of my blog and keep on looking! there are many bloggers who, while you may not want to copy their style wholesale, have many great ideas and elements that can inspire you. keep at it and thank you again!