Thursday, August 19, 2010

A New Kind Of Diamond

Another look with the ivory ruffle tunic. We've been having an unusually cool summer her in the San Francisco Bay Area, which means a lot of days in the 80's here instead of the high 90's to low 100's. And also some cooling breezes! When i wore this outfit i had fun feeling it float and whip about in the air on my walk. Nothing i love more than looking different from instant to instant.

The breeze cooperated when i took these pictures - all i had to do was face into the wind.

And it also ties up nicely when you need to get down to business.

Recently i spent some time in Barnes and Noble snooping around the 'style' section. I came across some interesting information on finding your flattering hemlines but neglected to write down the name of the book or the author. I was certain i'd be able to look it up on the B & N website later, but no luck. If anyone out there knows this info, please leave a comment!

Here's the method. Stand with your heels together and your toes pointing out in a '10 and 2 o'clock' position (both toes pointing out equally so they make a right angle between them). There will be some gaps between your two legs that the author calls 'diamonds' (they will be in a four-sided diamond shape). Your most flattering hemlines will hit anywhere in your 'diamonds'. This holds for skirts, shorts, pants, capris, leggings, etc.

I liked this idea because in my experience it holds true, and it's a lot easier to explain than most systems. It's also easy to see where these areas are on your own legs in the mirror. Have any of you heard of or used this system?


  1. To use this system, I suggest you must have a full length mirror. Hmmmm. Nope, haven't tried it yet, but maybe one of these days....

  2. Hah! If this were completely true, I should apparently be wearing some seriously-above-the-knee mini skirts. However, I do have another "diamond" between my knee and to the point my calf curves out (which is about where I like to wear my skirts best), and one at my ankle.

  3. well mom, if you get all het up you can come over and use ours!

    Hi Cynthia! that's one of the things that let me know this system seemed to work - things look pretty grim above the knee on me until you start gettin' to a mighty high altitude, hem-wise...which is where my 'uppermost diamond' is. that's why i generally stay away from shorts - they look pretty dowdy unless i roll them up about 5 times - at which point why not just wear your knickers!

  4. I love this first picture of you! Thanks for the tip on the "diamond" - I wonder if we're subconsciously aware of this. I know what lengths look good on me and what doesn't.

  5. Than you Sheila! Could be. It's fun getting other takes on this system. Have a great weekend!!!