Monday, September 13, 2010

Balance And The Blogger

Wait- i'm not .... oh, for goodness sake - !

Okay, just need to adjust my footing here ....... oh.

Almost there.....
Ta da!

I've worn this outfit, with variations, three or four times this summer but haven't photographed it before now (no reason - i just didn't). It's fun and breezy and i love the shape it makes - kind of a 1920's vibe, maybe.

it's even more fun with a heel and stockings. But i spent most of the day in bed, letting my leg rest up, so these flats and socks were a better choice. I was ticked at having to 'take the day off' so i wore something fun in compensation. The weather is turning around in these parts, and i get the feeling this type of get-up will only be practical a little while longer.......

Dress: April Cornell
Petticoat: own design, inspired by Alisa Burke
Shoes: old Borns
Belt: Betsey Johnson
Ribbon Pin: own design
Hat: gift
Socks: gift (my friend said she thought they were perfect 'reading socks' - you would wear them for lounging around the house and reading on a cool night. it's a new one on me!)


  1. I love how you've pinned up the dress to show off that gorgeous petticoat - such a fantastic detail! That petticoat is just wonderful.

  2. I like how you hitched up your hem with that pin - shows off your sweet petticoats!

  3. thank you orchids! it's funny, i made that petticoat more on a whim - i saw alisa burke's tut, which looked fantastic, and i had enough scraps on hand to make it up.......but i never thought i would wear it as much as i have.

    thank you for stopping by! steph

  4. Thank you Kelly! looking at out time stamps it seems we were 'simultaneously typing' - i hope it means good luck for us both : )