Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Out of Martinez

This turned out to be a great 'bombing around town' outfit. Comfy, you can take the jacket on or off, belt or no according to the weather or whim. Hats provide sun protection and you don't have to worry how your hairdo is holding up in the face of wind, etc. - perfect when you're rushing around in the morning trying to get ready while half awake!

I've been feeling a little 'oogy' recently. A bunch of on- and off-line style advice gurus recommend that you identify a number of 'style icons' whom you can call upon for inspiration (if only in your imagination). I've picked my brain for an icon to call my own for years, with no success. But recently, for some reason i was thinking about Isak Dinesen's first collection of short stories when it hit me - Ms. Karen Blixen herself! of course! The love of art and nature, the twenties and thirties styles mixed with practical/safari pieces, the sense of being made for an earlier age, even the love of antique costume (Ms. Blixen had several Victorian/Edwardian style ballgowns custom made for herself before she left to live in Africa. She wore them while entertaining on her plantation in the bush). Here's a couple of links about Isak Dinesen. If you're interested in finding more about Isak Dinesen, Judith Thurmans' Isak Dinesen: The Life of a Storyteller is an exquisitely researched and beautifully told biography of Ms. Blixen's life.

So this look reminded me of the costumes created for the movie Out of Africa. But seeing as i've never been to Africa.......

.......Out of Martinez will have to do. And seeing as i've spent the last two and a half hours catching up with S. on the phone - i have to go!!

Jacket: Royal Robbins
Cami-top, Skirt, Denim Camellia: own design
Bandanna: Target
Shoes: Clark's Passion
Belt: vintage Coach
Hat ???


  1. I don't identify with anyone as a style icon...maybe Audrey Hepburn, but even then, I don't do her style very often.

    I like this look on you.

  2. hi Sheila! you're too busy BEING a style icon!! : )

    & TY!! steph