Monday, September 6, 2010

Schooner Gulch

doo de doo.....bah bah bah bumP! deedle dee, doo de doo...

(aimless whistling)

bah bah deedeedoo..... -!!
Oh! Hi There! i'm just cleaning up after our vacation, getting ready to jump back on the wheel of blogging. Nice to see you!

We went camping to Gualala Point again and explored more of the coast on up to Mendocino (our favorite town). I didn't forget my blog, as you can see. I collected a nice perching picture while at Schooner Gulch. And i took a number of outfit and detail photos. The only trouble, from the 'personal style' aspect of things, is that i used the opportunity of camping to indulge one of my favorite 'eccentricities'. To come clean, as it were, i wore pretty much the same outfit all four days.

Since i was a little tiny girl (about two or three?) my family would take us camping several times a year. Living in California we had more places to go within a day or two's drive than we could ever take advantage of. So i have plenty of experience in car camping. One of the parts i loved most was the relaxation of normal hygiene/appearance rules. No baths, just a soak in a creek. Braid up your hair and forget about it, until the last day when you have a head full of waves. Throw on the same darn clothes every single day - you'll have to out-stink an outraged skunk before anyone will say a word about it. Ah, paradise.......

But i took pictures on this trip, so you all can decide if i wore different 'outfits' or just did the equivalent of changing out socks and knickers. By Wednesday i'll have posted all of it and you can reach your verdict.

I thought that when you 'shortened' your legs they looked fatter? So why do my thighs look skinnier in the detail photo than in the full-length one? At least they look trim in one photo!

Here's a view of the perch on Schooner Gulch. What a beach! It's a short walk from the highway, three miles south of Point Arena. No hair-raising cliffs to scramble down. There are numerous caves, a spring on the bluffs, a pond formed by a driftwood dam with towering alders growing alongside, what looks like sulphur crystals precipitating on the rocks.

Here's the view from the perch looking south. Look for the person for a sense of scale.

Look at the right side of the group of trees atop the bluffs, then follow down to see the crack in the rock and get a peek at the perch. If you're in the area this is a beautiful, unusual, easy to get to spot to spend some time at. Plenty of places to curl up with a good book, eat a picnic, or just nap and soak up the vibes. Over the next couple of days i'll post a few more pictures of places we visited.

Hat: ???
Bomber: vintage L. L. Bean
Hoodie, Henley: Aeropostale
Gibson Girl Blouse: Folkwear Pattern #205 (altered for front opening)
Jeggings, Bandanna: Target
Socks: Smartwool
Sneaks: Converse
Pearls, Lace Scarf, Flower Pins: gifts or made by me
Clothespin: indispensable for carrying washcloths to camp restroom while keeping hands free


  1. Hmmm, I don't see a clothes pin; is it in your pocket?
    I think we camped at Bass Lake before you were 2 yo; no tent, cooked over a campfire (oy, the soot!), slept under the stars and on the cold, cold ground - but it was fun!

  2. Chiquita Creek, eggplant casserole, a german shepherd and a bear. What could these things have in common? Trout!!!

  3. hi ma! the clothespin is clipped on the hoodie - look under my left armpit. the restrooms had little shelves but no hooks. so i pinned washcloths, socks, blouses, etc. to a big towel which i draped over the (covered) trashbin. thus i was able to prevent these items from sliding to the floor....i don't know if i remember that trip or not, but i remember the pictures from it - i look very serious.

    BPQ - oh my god! trout, yes, and a desire for fresh air - poor Rocky! his gut paid for it on THAT one! that dog sure loved his leftovers. what a sweetheart he was!

  4. Welcome back! It looks like you had fun. :) Our beaches look a lot like that (only with more rocks/pebbles).

  5. It looks like you had an awesome time! This post reminded me that summer's almost over and I haven't gone camping yet at all. Argh!

  6. Hi Sheila! we DID have fun, and really nice weather this time which was lucky! i'd love to travel up the coast and on into BC some day.....

    and Kelly - i can't believe you haven't gone yet!! time to get crackin' : ) do you have some nice spots to go close to home? that mite make it easier....

  7. Oh, the bear! I almost forgot about the bear - 'It's time to get up!' First time I ever wanted to get up before sunrise...