Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Me and Mr. Depp........

 .....we got a thing......goin' on........

okay, it's only this shirt, but still.  A girl takes what she can get!  I've had this J. Peterman Otavalo Mountain Shirt for, what, fifteen years maybe? It's a classic white cotton gauze peasant shirt with full sleeves that button into longish cuffs, nice little pintucks alongside the front placket. Around eight or nine years ago the buttons started cracking into pieces and falling off, so i replaced most of them. The rest of this shirt is staying in one piece, any stains bleach out nicely.....not bad for around twnety bucks back then.

Imagine the thrill i felt as i sat in the dentist's office a few years ago, paging through the People issue proclaiming Johnny Depp the sexiest man alive (well, not technically, but close enough as far as i can see) and Mr. Depp was wearing this same excellent shirt.  He styled it much as Mr. E would, with a few pieces in sterling and leather heavily influenced by nature and the esoteric.  Sadly i can't find the picture online in order to point you to it. Here's a consolation page.

 I wore this outfit around a week ago, when it dawned on me that 'all white weather' was on the way out, for this year at least. I don't wear a lot of all-white looks, but i find that they kind of 'cleanse the palate' every once in a while.  I wear 'all white' on hot days or at the beach - that's it.  I'll wear all black any old time, but all white occupies a special category in my mind.  So i decided to take advantage while i could.  i wore the 'shirt & skirt' ensemble around the house all day, then threw on the jacket, hat and shoes for my early evening walk.

I did have to laugh at myself as i strolled out the front door and down the lane.  This was the first time i'd worn this petticoat alone as a skirt, a use i'd planned from the beginning. It's not at all sheer and the hemline hits me mid to lower calf.  Yet, because i'd already worn this garment several times as an 'undergarment', i had a wee moment of alarm. 'Oh My god! I'm walking around in public in my U n d e r W e a r !'  Never mind that objectively my outfit was very modest - my mind had got the habit of equating this item with 'unmentionables'.  How easily we form habits, whether or not we mean to!

Do any of you like all white outfits? Do you keep them in a 'special' category, like i do? Have you ever caught yourself thinking about a piece of clothing a certain way that made no sense?

Hat, Scarf: gifts
Jacket: Royal robbins
Shirt: J. Peterman Otavalo Mountain Shirt
Petticoat, Necklace: own design
Earrings: liliswan
Clogs: Dansko Marcelle


  1. I really like all-white outfits! I don't wear them myself because I am clumsy, but I love seeing them on other people and fantasizing about wearing them myself!

  2. 'outfit fantasizing', i love it! a fun pastime. i started out clumsy, and i'm still clumsy, but the older i get the more i can keep from getting stuff on my clothes. practice maybe? who knows. have a good day, Kelly!!

  3. I love the all white, but I don't do it myself (I don't look good in pure white - cream would be my thing).

    Love the Depp shirt! And Mr. Depp...yumm...

  4. Hi Sheila! i'm much more drawn to cream, ivory, etc. myself. but i do go all white occasionally.

    Mr. E always looks at me sideways when i mention Johnny Depp. i tell him there's more than a little resemblance, and it's true!