Monday, September 20, 2010

The Five Minute Post

Eeeegh. Nursing a sore throat. I'm guessing you can figure it out - if not, leave me a question.

I'd always envisioned this skirt with a petticoat underneath to 'match' (meaning cut along the same a-line shape). Not that it's been done a month or so, i find i wear this skirt with petti more often than without.

I guess it's not the best form, but i love the way that chiminea is kind of lurking ominously in the background......hope you all are feeling well and having a great Monday!


  1. Figure what out? That you have a sore throat? I hope it gets better.

    I like this outfit; very simple and classic.

  2. "Figure what out? That you have a sore throat?"

    oh Sheila, that cracks me up just on it's face - also because it's a classic response to me from my mom. i can just hear her voice!! I meant 'if you have any ?? about the clothes/outfit (but seeing as you've all seen these clothes before.....)'. now you see why my posts drone on and on. unless i over-explain, i don't make any sense ; )

    thank you! i like this one as well. it's nice to have some sleeker or easier outfits that still feel 'me'.