Thursday, September 9, 2010

The More Things Change...

This was such a fun outfit to wear! It's simple but not boring, and the lines are sleek enough to feel frisky. I've talked before about my rule of thumb on value in an outfit - a lite outfit needs a dash of dark and a dark outfit can use a beam of light. So i grabbed this black bandanna to add the black here, but i don't recall how i hit on making a floppy base of the neck bow....maybe i was jut tired of wearing it around my head and my waist? But i got a kick out of how it reminds me of the fashion in the 1910's for big bows at the back and front of the neck.

But the title of the post refers to how similar this look is to one i wore in high school. I had a pull-on tunic with a collar band neckline that opened about as far as this one does - it was also ivory, but with stripes instead of ruffles. The hem was a wee bit shorter, but similar shape, and the sleeves were the same length. The pants would've been denim or olive drab 'utility' type......and the clogs a lite caramel.

I had an inkling these pieces were a bit familiar, but it only really struck me looking at these pictures. I don't know what to think about this, i'll have to let it sink any of you find yourself in similar outfits/styles/colors to ones you wore decades ago?

And here's some close-ups of my blouses and accessories from the past three days. As usual with me, it's all about the details!

I made the blue camellia before the early August camping trip - i thought it would be a hoot to have a Chanel-style flower, but in beat-up denim and calico because it's 'casual'. I'd like to make more in other colors/fabrics.

I used three different types of buttons on this blouse - they used to be the ones that are now on the windy flapper blouse below. I think the pearl domed ones look better closer together than previously - they have more impact. And i think the grey overdye on the gibson girl blouse helps 'anchor' the darker buttons.

I went back to get more of this rose lace and it was SOLD OUT!!! ah, the nerve!! well, there was plenty in a daintier, zig zag edged lace of the same cotton-rayon blend and a similar 'feel' or 'weave', so i got that and i'm making a long, slender scarf of cotton swiss dot with the lace as a trim down both sides. I've dyed a scrap as a test and it's a nice dusky mid-blue. I'm adding more color, though at an excruciatingly slow pace.....!

Ruffle Tunic: Converse at Target
Cargo Pant: own design, inspired by style underdog
Clogs: Dansko Marcelle
Gibson Girl Blouse: Folkwear # 205
Windy Flapper Blouse: own design, inspired by some girls wander

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