Saturday, September 11, 2010

Full Disclosure

A while back we had an interesting comments-based discussion here on TDE. I was wondering what to show on a 'daily outfit' style blog - is it ethical to only show one iteration of an outfit, when actually you wore it that day with and without socks, and with and without the bunny pin? Turns out there are varying opinions and practices out there in the blogosphere, but the discussion got me thinking it would be fun to 'tell all' now and again (i tend to change what i'm wearing many times a day, little by little).

So here's what i ended up in yesterday. The hecticness that was my Friday started Thursday evening, when i found out a prescription i need was accidentally incorrectly written. As i was almost out of the medicine, and the weekend was coming up, i would have to drive half an hour to the doc's office to get it straightened out. As most of you know, i have nerve damage which is especially bad in my left leg. Any activity (walking, sitting, standing, driving) REALLY aggravates the pain and leads to limping and even temporary paralysis if i really push it. We only have one car and share it, so any of my weekday driving involves Mr. E driving to work, me heading out from there, and then me driving back to pick Mr. E up at the end of his workday. So i usually end up driving an hour more than would be the case if i just left from the house. I'd already driven once this week, so i wasn't looking forward to more. In fact, i was dreading it and so started out the day in a bad mood. But i had to, so.

My first mistake, clothes-wise, was to plan ahead. I'm especially pain-ridden and gimpy first thing in the am, so i checked out the weather forecast to pick out an appropriate set of clothes for the day. I was headed through the Caldecott Tunnel toward the bay to Albany. I thought, after i hit the doc's, why not drive a couple of miles to Stone Mountain and Daughter to check things out in the fabric world, seeing as it's on the way home anyway. That means i'll be next to the bay all morning. So i checked the 94706 zip code at NOAA. Let's see, 64 degrees F, heavy fog - yay! i can wear a sweater and fuzzy over the knee socks!

Ah, a nice fall feel, what we've all been looking forward to the last few weeks.......of course, the next morning, on the way to drop off Mr. E at work, the forecast was mid seventies, with no fog visible anywhere over the entire bay area. I opened my car window to keep from sweating. It was only 7:10 AM.

So the jacket lasted until i got out of the doctor's office. It took only ten minutes to get things squared away, with apologies from the doc for me having to make a special trip. But it was fun at Stone Mountain! I even got a compliment on my outfit (the one above, with the scarf). They still have a couple of yards of the skirt material, and a bunch of new fall fabrics. For any sewers in the area - head on down and check it out!

For the drive home i lost the scarf and turned on the ac. When i got home it was 81 F and climbing, so i changed into:

AAhhhh.....bare feet, my favorite accessory. I come by it honestly - my feet are almost a carbon-copy of my paternal grandfather's. I know this because bare feet was his default fashion statement as well. I have no idea what my paternal grandma's feet look like!

Time to pick up Mr. E. It's now 84 F, not so hot, but i will be waiting for him in the car outside his office.....or, as it turned out, on the steps outside his office. It was too hot sitting in the car, cooking away. I threw the jacket over my shoulders for a little coverage, and wore the heels in case we went shopping on the way home. Also, i was craving a little change of look...

The scarf is a piece of 'distressed pleather' i picked up at Joannes to test how i like it. I've been throwing it on as a scarf or belt, carrying it around in my purse or tote to see how it wears before i commit to getting some to make into a scarf (backed with silk or rayon crepe), a belt, or to use as trim on cargo pants or a skirt. So far (~ four days) it's holding up well and is also comfy against the skin. Hopefully i can get some to have 'on hand' as well as enough for current projects. It comes in darker and lighter versions as well.

Flash pictures taken after i got back from my evening walk. Back into the clogs with different socks, added a hat. Wore the brim turned down.....

.....and turned up.

In sum, the commitment, dedication, and loyalty shown by all the style bloggers who wear one, and only one, outfit all day long is just - - - it's an inspiration. That's what it is.


  1. I love how your outfit evolves over the day - mine are usually the same from start to finish, although sometimes I'll tuck/untuck or move an accessory around. Or, I'll change into something altogether different (I do tend to completely change when I get home from work or an event/special occasion).

    Hmmm...maybe I should do a post on my "at home" clothes?

  2. thank you , Sheila! i don't know why i'm this way, i even do it when i'm at the workplace (sweaters, jackets, accessories, etc.). it's more pronounced on days when the weather or my activities really fluctuate.

    and you should totally do a post on your 'at home' clothes! i'll be keeping an eye out for it!

  3. Hilarious! I love how you took a big inconvenience and turned it into numerous fashion opportunities. Bonus points for fabric shopping along the way and keeping a smile on your face!