Thursday, September 23, 2010

Dinosaur Dreams

Another 'bombing around town' outfit. As it happens, i'm bombing around town today as this will be a short post.

First - those are black lacy 'low cut' peds from Chinese Laundry via T. J. Maxx. They stay in place, shield the foot from friction, and don't sprout holes (like these evil Peds from HUE).

Secondly - i couldn't get the camera to pick up the stripes in this jacket on this day. So look over on the coast or at UC Berkeley to see those nice stripes.

Thirdly - i lied. Mostly this is a short post because i have nothing to say, of interest or not. However, some intrepid paleontologists have unveiled the discovery of two new dinosaurs in Utah, namely Utahceratops and Kosmoceratops. In my opinion, the latter species should rightly be spelled 'Cosmoceratops' as it '...boasts the most ornately decorated dinosaur head known to date, with 15 horns.' Ha! The next time some Ignoramus sp. give you grief over your own concern with ornamentation, remind him or her that the evolutionary process saw fit to encourage and maintain maximum ornamentation as long as 76 million years ago. That's even before the Americas had come into being as continents!

hhmmmm.....that's giving me a whole new perspective on the pyramid studs on this bag.

Lace Tank: Jockey
Jacket: McCalls Pattern M5594, made by me
Skirt: own design
Shoes: Clark's Passion
Belt: vintage Coach


  1. That's if you believe all of the hooey about dinosaurs and what-not.

  2. I read that about the new dinosaurs - that's so exciting (I love paleontology, archaelogy and anthropology)! I would love to go on a dig sometime.

  3. hee hee! hi Bro! dinosaurs, trilobites, saber tooth tigers, frozen mastodons - all those crazy critters!

    Hi Sheila! i'm glad the job fair went well : ) and i love all those subjects, too. it's just so fascinating to wonder about what the world was like at different times, and think about the clues we have....and now you HAVE to come up with a fantasy arch. dig outfit!! i can't wait to see it!

  4. Thanks for your kind words and the time you took to leave a comment.I'm experimenting with sewing and some of the stuff you make look so cool and difficult!!!I like the romantic delicate atmosphere your outfits carry.By the way ,do you know
    I love this stuff although I can't pull this look.What do you think?

  5. welcome kellyroy! thank you! keep at your sewing and designing - you've got plenty of talent! it's just a matter of doing it and getting experience. i addressed your question on my most recent post
    i hope i answered your questions!! have a great weekend, steph

  6. I love that tiered skirt on you! It's flowy and poufy without looking bulky...if that makes sense.

  7. Hi Kelly! sorry i've taken so long to respond to your comment.....i agree! that's one of the things i also like about this skirt. it's nice for hiking, etc. - you can get that 'full skirt' look without having too much fabric to keep track of in those porta-potties and outhouses, if you know what i mean ; )

  8. Ha ha - I just noticed the name you tagged the jacket! Good one!