Friday, December 31, 2010

No Repeats W & W: Days Fourteen & Fifteen

 So i bucked up and dealt with my clothing capsule boredom by making a species of suit (see above) and using accessories to bring color into a neutral look (see below).

For me, combining any type of blue with greys always brings out the blue in the grey, instead of toning down the blue.  So my outfit yesterday felt very 'blue' to me, even though only the legwarmers and scarf are blue. (And of course, the blues looked more blue in real life.....) Does it seem that way to any of you? Maybe it's because there's a blue briolette in the earrings, and i did wear a blue stone ring.

Photography conditions have been very trying recently. I actually woke up this morning, got into my clohtes from the day before, and re-shot this 'blue' outfit, because the shots from yesterday afternoon were so atrocious. Even so, dappled sunshine isn't the greatest for detailed depiction of costume.  But it's the best i could come up with!

This look was fun because it felt like i used the bare minimum of accessories in order to get the look across and make it interesting, without crossing the 'boring barrier'. I've had a good time skating towards the minimalistic end of my style spectrum, and i've been getting a lot of compliments, too. I think it makes my style more understandable without people needing to study it in depth beforehand.

So i finally get a decent pic of these earrings and my ear is blazing red. Just think of it as a festive holiday tribute to our favorite little reindeer. From top down that's a sterling acorn, a sterling and marcasite salamander, and my regular bird filigree and pearl (half of a pair - the others have become single over the years).

The past several years, Mr. E and i have made a tradition of going out to a swanky eatery around 5 or 6pm on New Year's Eve. That way we don't need to worry about reservations or getting a great seat, and if you keep ordering they don't kick you out. We tend to go to Cesar's on Shattuck in Berkeley, but tonite the hubby has scoped out a new tapas place in the Temescal neighborhood in Oakland. Yum!  I hope you all have a great, safe, non-hangover-inducing evening!  Best wishes to you and yours for the coming year!

Species of Suit:
Jacket, Skirt: own design
Black Sweater: Target
Leggings: Carushka
Shoes: Ariat
Belt: vintage Coach
Tiger-Stripe Socks, Lace Scarf, Jewelry: gifts

Blue or Grey?:
Grey Sweater: Tweeds
Ivory Sweater: Royal Robbins
Lace-trimmed Cami: Old Navy
Jeggings: Target
Legwarmers: gift from mom
Scarf, Earrings: own design
Boots: Bass Lamont


  1. I adore the draping of that skirt! And it's your own design? Ah, I'm so jealous of you lot that are able to design your own clothing.

  2. Tapas...did you make it to midnight?

  3. Is that a handkerchief hem?

    Cute earrings!

  4. Hey Steph, Happy New Year. I found (well she found me) a new over 40 blogger. Check out She's a newbie! Take care, Beverly

  5. Hello Katie! thank you (bear in mind i've been sewing 30+ years - i've had my share of tragedies!) watch out for dinos!!

    Hi Terri - you know me well. i'm world-renowned for going to be a 9pm every single nite. i made it to around 10:45, which is good for me! and you?

    ilegirl - hello beautiful! i think not completely technically speaking. we need to get together and you can examine for yourself....& those salamanders came from Casa d'Arts in Castro Village, if you can believe it!

    Happy New Year to you, Bev!!!! thank you so much for thinking of me blogroll! (she's on it). i've actually come across a couple more ladies i need to e-mail and check out if they belong on the 'roll (it's a delicate question, but...). take care!

    Happy 2011 Everybody!! steph