Monday, January 3, 2011

New Year's Eve 2010

 We begin our Dashing Eccentric year with a couple of bonus pictures of Mr. E. Frankly, ever since i started this blog i've been dying to do at least a week of posts featuring his outfits.  He has crazily good taste and style, and there's not a lot out there in 'outfit blogging' for guys, especially guys out of their twenties. If any of you would like to see more of Mr. E (in his clothes, that is), please leave a comment and i will use them to pressure him to step up to the tripod.

He's a helluva fun guy, to boot. It's just Mr. E hates getting his picture taken, and is not too thrilled with anyone else getting their picture taken, either.  Unless it's something he's really passionate about.

Okay, ladies and gentlemen, leave those comments! Now, on to my outfit. I wanted to wear the skunk skirt with a fitted top. Mom was rooting for the embroidered belt, so a black top seemed the best choice.  This Peruvian Connection cardigan (alpaca - so soft!) has a traditional boxy-cardigan shape, not that exciting with a skirt as full as this one (kinda blobby). Thus, i took a few minutes and basted the sides to take in some of the fullness and create a more form-fitting shape.

New Year's Eve had even more excitement in store for me - my Sock Dreams order arrived!  Their free shipping option only took four days (order placed Monday, arrived on Friday). These Vertically Inclined Stockings in black/charcoal provided the perfect balance of subtle detail for the legs of this look. The black stripes are opaque while the 'grey' stripes are a wonderful, open-crochet texture. More looks featuring my recent acquisitions coming soon! (And, Yes, i'm already fantasizing about my next order......terrible! To quote myself, "What is enough?!??!")

Here's a couple of pictures of my hairdo.  For festive occasions i like to put it up and make it big. If any of you also have a lot of strong hair, i find that roller pins work better than regular bobby pins for keeping my hair in place. Roller pins tend to be around 2 3/4" long and the metal is much thicker than that of bobby pins. They come on cards of 15-20 pins, found next to the bobby pins. I used about six for this 'do, and it didn't fall down until the next morning after i slept on it.  With bobby pins, it can take 25-30 pins (or more), and pieces will start falling down in fifteen minutes. If you have similar troubles, check out the roller pins!

That's it for now.  Leave a comment if you want to see more focus on Mr. E's style, and have a great first Monday of 2011!

Earrings, Necklace: gifts
Cardigan: Peruvian Connections
Belt: private sale
Skirt: own design
Stockings: Sock Dreams
Shoes: Clark's Passion


  1. We totally need to see some Mr. E style over here!

  2. Dear Mr E,

    More please, Sir Fabulousness.

  3. Yes, more Mister!
    Also, I dig your festive outfit. I am in awe of the skirt.

  4. Yes!! We need more of Mr. E and his fabulous style!!

    You two are most adorable! I love your hair!!

  5. Great outfit and lovely hairdo (and I really love that belt - would love to see you in more colour!). Happy New Year!

    Sarah xxx

  6. More Mr E!
    p.s. your outfits looks great!

  7. Ah, I love your curly hair and I most definitely think Mr. E should be posting photos on your blog if not his own. I can see his style oozing and he actually seems to be a bit of a ham.

  8. Hotness all 'round! And yes, we definitely need to see more of Mr.E's ensembles.

  9. Yes, more "guy style" please. He looks like a man that knows how to enjoy life, and the world needs more of that energy.

    Thanks again for being so warm and welcoming to a newbie.

  10. Love mr e's jacket...
    Love your skirt and the great stockings, just bought a pair myself--crotched style at Vermont Country store...hee..will check out sock dreams!

  11. i just love the skirt and stockings!

  12. YOU

    thank you all so much for playing along and helping me convince my husband to let me take some decent photos of his 'greatest hits'. seeing your comments turned the tide, and you will see some 'man style' posts in future!!

    Thank You Cynthia!

    Thank You Erin! (who has a stylish and shopping-adept "Mr." of her own)

    Thank You Rad! i think you would look good in that style of skirt - it's easy to make, let me know if you want a tut : )

    Thank You Joy! big hair gals unite!

    Thank You Sarah - nothing fascinating In my hair that nite, just lots of it ; )

    Thank You Allison!

    Thank You Terri! (Mr. Terri is particularly good at the DIY project) yes, he is a ham - also comic, a mimic, nice singing voice....

    oh my goodness, A-Dubs, 'hotness' - !

    Thank You Doreen! (psst, everyone, she's just started a 40+ style blog)

    Thank You Paula! can't wait to see your stockings - i'll have to check out VT country now, too ; )

    Hello Hope - thank you! you can rock (and design) a big skirt yourself - that card one is fa-boo!

    Have a great day, everybody!! steph

  13. Put on the pressure! I would love to see more of Mr. Eccentric's style!

  14. Hello Kelly! 'put on the pressure' - hee hee.....& your new site is great! god, i want to eat all those dress/cakes, i have such a sweet tooth i can eat straight frosting forever (drool). and you've been posting some especially great-looking outfits recently. Congrats on your new web digs and Happy New Year!! steph

  15. MR. E ROCKS! And I love your new year eve's outfit. Here's to seeing many more wonderful ensembles worn by the Dashing Eccentric in 2011!

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