Tuesday, January 4, 2011

No Repeats W & W: Day Sixteen & Bonus Look

In the 'No Repeats' spirit, i incorporated a neglected coat and pair of boots into this workaday combo. The waffle weave crew neck is Mr. Es' - i've been on the lookout for 2-3 warmer henleys since September, but haven't found any worth buying yet. I just don't have enough warmer long-sleeved tops to make it through, so my husband granted me use of his waffle-weaves as long as i don't 'stretch them out in the bust'.  I also realized that i've neglected my perching poses, and thought the toyon berries in the background would look particularly festive with the red boots.

With the parka, the fluffy over the knee socks (new from Sock Dreams), the petticoat and touch of red this whole look made me feel quite 'holiday in the snow'. At least what i imagine 'holiday in the snow' would feel like - i've never experienced one.

Below you see my look from last Sunday.  I spent quite a while putting together this look. Not that it was difficult or ground-breaking (hello), it was just fun to have all my closet at my disposal, in addition to a bunch of new leg-wear choices.  So i dragged it out for fun.

This is how i looked as we walked the neighborhoods in Berkeley. It was quite the rainy weekend, with plenty of mud moving down the hillsides, but we only ran into a few sprinkles during our hours 'on the streets'.

 Earlier in the day i looked like this. With one exception - i wore my new brown fishnets in the house, then switched them out for brown wool-blend tights when we ventured into the weather.

This seems like my best photo showing the detail on this blouse so far.  I finished it this last fall, and figured i'd be waiting until April or May to get much use of it - the fabric is voile-weight cotton. I'm happy to report i've found it quite wearable in the winter.

My new Sock Dreams lace anklets cuffed over the top of my boots.  Aaaahh..........


  1. "My new Sock Dreams lace anklets cuffed over the top of my boots."

    GENIUS. Must copy!

  2. Hi Erin! well, to be honest, i copied that idea myself - i used to get the Gorsuch catalog (i never knew why) and they showed that type of look - what, ten, fifteen years ago? you can also see those socks styled similarly on the Sock Dreams website.

    i've been on the hunt for suitable socks for over a decade now - because the gorsuch ones were like 25 bucks! years later i started seeing some for around $18, but still. so when i saw them at SD, you can imagine my bliss.

    that's really TMI about some sox, for crying out loud, but i feel the people here will understand.... : ) steph

  3. I want those red boots! They're so cute and absolutely perfect for winter! I'm also jealous that you can wear a beret and look awesome in it, Dubai is just not beret friendly! Happy New Year :)

  4. Love your skirts!<3

    ♥ kisses ♥


  5. Oh, I love the crocheted socks with the boots. And you have a lovely, softening way with the husband's henleys. The red boots were just the right touch.

  6. Its amazing how a simple thing like new socks can totally make you happy and make an outfit feel fresh. Style Underdog is doing some fun things with socks today too.

  7. Love the lace socks with the boots! So romantic!

  8. Love the red boots! There is just something special about red boots/shoes, no? I love the soft touches you add--and I really like the neutral pallette of the first outfit with the punch of the red. So much fun! Paula

  9. I dig the lace anklets.

    Also, I like how you did 2 scarves on your Sunday outfit. It's interesting, but without distracting from the overall look.

  10. Happy New Year Weesha! yeah, it's that whole climate thing....but you get to wear those adorable sundresses and sandals all year : )

    Thank you Andreea!

    Hello Terri! thank you, i'm so many times balancing hard/soft, rough/smooth, all those opposites. it's nice to hear it comes across!

    Hi Doreen! yes, it's great to get so much fun out of something small and mundane. & really, Bev's handle should be "Style (sumthinmumble) God"! that woman has crazy style - clothes and words. hot diggety!

    Hi Allison - i was so excited to be able to pull it off!

    Thank you Paula! i do love red shoes. the past several months, tho, i've been craving some other type of shoe in color - teal or mustard? i don't know. they have leather dyes out there i may experiment with on a pair of beat-up born flats........

    Hello "P"!! you'd look great in lace anklets yourself. it's funny, i did two scarves since we were going out in the cold (waaah!) and that was the best way i could think to protect my neck. glad it came out okay!!!

    have a great day everyone! steph