Thursday, January 27, 2011

Thises and Thats

 I grabbed Mr. E a couple of nights ago when he got home from work to take these pictures. It's a great outfit, but he sure doesn't like to get his picture taken!  However, i think you can see why i wanted to get his looks on this site - he's not headed anywhere special, just off to work, and boy he looks sharp.

(Sharp? I look like I've just been embalmed for god's sake....A face lift, a face kingdom for a face lift! Oh, and by the way I don't have a beer belly, that's just the un-tucked shirt, hanging a tad too jauntily. No seriously, it's true. And just for the record, I loved the shirt pattern when it was merely a piece of fabric, but as an actual item of clothing I think it may be a little "busy". In all honesty, I don't think I'm very good with fashion. Johnny Depp on the other hand....)--Mr E.

The shirt is his own design, which i sewed up. It's a Japanese cotton print he spotted at Stone Mountain and Daughter. I drafted a pattern based on a couple of his ready to wear shirts which fitted well, and then modified the muslin based on fittings. His hat showcases one of my ideas about trends. The 'slim-brimmed-fedora' is a big trend in hats right now, and as a rule i'm not big at all on snapping up much in the way of trends.  But occasionally, a trend shows up which fits quite neatly into your own personal style, and if it's hard to find it makes sense to stock up while you can. Mr. E isn't tall and he has a slight build, so a lot of hats made for 'regular people' look oversized on him. These sleeker hats work well with his build, and he's wisely acquired some really nice ones.

The main highlight of this outfit is that i'm wearing the dupes i made of these pants, which were plumb worn out.  I'm making decent progress on my 'resolution', and it's fun to have a public venue in which to engage in a wee bit of auto-horn-tootage. The light was not cooperating, so you have these weird photos which look really strange but actually show off the salient outfit details. I'm wearing my Justina Leigh bracelet as a necklace (by clipping it into a 16" snake chain). I liked it as a necklace just as much as a bracelet. I generally like to wear super-drapey looks with a higher, chunky heel. But i was walking around a lot, and staying around the house, and my feet preferred these lower heels. So.

I've written before about my preference for air-drying most of my clothes - i think they last longer, and look better, than when they're tumble dried. Most of the drying takes place on this collapsible, portable air-dryer. It folds up accordion-style to 29" x 5", where it lives in my closet.

I ended up discussing this in the comments on one of Terri's posts, and she'd not heard of these type of dryers before. Behold, photographic proof! I like to dry most of my blouses, shirts, and structured knit tops on appropriate hangers, in order to keep them 'on grain'. Kind of a mini-blocking. on edit: these dryers more commonly are made of wood, which works very well and holds slippery items well.

Here's a paradox - the cat loves to sleep underneath this dryer when it's full of clothes outside. But if he sees it changing shape (un- or folding), it terrifies him and he runs away to hide. It's possible to really load up these dryers - my mom is amazing at it, loading up queen-sized sheet sets, bath sheets, socks, tees, and on and on. I leave mine out on the deck when it's warm and or sunny, and when it's cold i put it in the computer room next to a heater vent. Make sure to angle the dryer so that no large articles are blocking the flow of air, and your house-heater will do double duty and dry your clothes. Don't put the dryer ON TOP of a heater vent, no one wants fried clothes or a burned-up house!

 Hat: Goorin Bros.
Shirt: Mr. E's design, made by me
Trousers: ?
Jacket: Alfani
Shoes: Sandro Moscoloni

Tunic: Converse One for Target
Wrap Cardi: Nine West
Tee: Merona Target
Belt: vintage Coach
Pants: dupe of Carushka Posh Pants, made by me
Shoes: Bass Lacey oxfords
Bracelet Worn as Necklace: Justina Leigh on etsy
Earrings: Benitez Jewelers


  1. The Mr. is lookin' sharp.

    Cats are weird like that, aren't they? If anything changes they are totally freaked out.

  2. Stef--thanks for the photos. I am going to start scouting for one of these. I think DH would allow such a rack!

    As for Mr. E.--I love his profile. The set jaw looks quite dashing with the fedora. And the print on the shirt is most excellent. Your necklace idea has me thinking about the possibilties...

  3. I'm chiming in on the clothes dryer. I grew up with one and yearned for one for a long time, but clothes lines worked well. When my clothes line fell down (sob!), I found the dryer of my dreams at our local cooking store (Shackford's in Napa), and went for the big sturdy one ($50, and worth every penny). I had been making do with a cheapo, flimsy one from Target, but this one is stable!

  4. Hey Steph/Steff (hmmmmm)
    Great idea with the bracelet turned necklace.
    Nice lookin' dude.

  5. Hi Cynthia! hee hee, well obviously I think so.... yes, i've noticed anything that changes shape - like umbrellas - they just do NOT believe in that type of thing. i wonder what they think about our role in these events.

    Hi Terri - you're welcome! the other nice thing is that even when they're loaded they're pretty easy to move so you can get them out of the way if need be. and thank you - you, Bev, and i should start a 'Mature Gentlemen Aesthetic Appreciation Society' ; )

    Great points ma, thanks for stopping by!

    Hi Bev! well, you know how i am with wanting to maximize the possibilities with any individual item - i'll be waiting to see what you do with this idea with bated breath!

    re: ph/ff - i'm one of those 'call me whatever you want, as long as you call me for dinner' types......

    have a great Friday!! steph

  6. Mr's hat is very spiffy - love the shirt!

    I really like your wide-leg pants - those look great on you. Very Kate Hepburn!

    L and I used to have one of those clothes dryers in wood! Our old cat Othello really liked to balance on the top part.

  7. oh Sheila, that is so sweet about little Othello. what a cutie.

    thank you! wide-leg pants are great for me - they're very comfy, and at the same time have a sophisticated vibe - the perfect combo. & i need to do some detail shots of the hat and the shirt; the buttons especially are very wild. Have a good weekend! steph

  8. Christ, now I know why I hate getting my photo snapped. I look like I'm about 103 years old in these! Funny when I look in the mirror, I still see a young, virile stud muffin. Must be some sort of selective eyesight thing going on. Sigh...

  9. Oh, and by the way Mrs E, the shoes are Stacy Adams, not Sandro Moscoloni. Moscoloni is so 5-minutes-ago.

  10. note: the previous two comments were posted by Mr. E as 'tiny junco' (he hasn't his own blogger id - yet). steph

  11. Tell Mr. E he does NOT look 103 year's old and he is still a stud muffin.