Thursday, January 13, 2011

Wardrobe Resolution

 (cue sound of angels singing) Yesterday we broke 50 degrees F! I was able to take a walk and remove my gloves by the end of it!It's been about a week and a half since we climbed out of the 40's, so you can imagine my excitement. Mr. E took my picture in Carmel, CA last Saturday - we drove down a couple of hours the coast to see if we could escape the cold, wind, and rain. Many weather systems that come down from the north blow out by the time you get to Monterey Bay, so it's a strategy that's paid off for us in the past. But not this time. We wimped out and came back Saturday nite, instead of finding a cheap room and staying over. But i did get a nice remark from a lady winding up her day on Cannery Row who deemed my outfit 'the best i've seen all day!' (I'm wearing my grey ruffle skirt and Bass Lamont Boots).

Sunday had important wardrobe ramifications. I put my resolutions from this post into action, and bought material for three new bottoms at Joann's. They're having a great sale until January 26, if at all possible i plan to stock up on some more linen and linen blends before it ends (60% off). I'm halfway through a black linen/rayon blend full knee-length skirt, and have material for a slim silhouette tobacco linen skirt, and some cotton/poly interlock to copy these pants.

In the comments to my 'resolution' post Terri shared with us that she has dupes for four of her wardrobe basics: "You are absolutely right about the mainstays--which is why I have two black pencil skirts, two pair of black slacks, two pair of greys, two denim skirts." I appreciated her being so specific. It helps me to see a general idea along with a concrete plan someone uses to put that plan into action. I could juggle her selections around in my mind to see how they would work in my wardrobe and typical week, what would be involved in acquiring these items (or my equivalents), and how much of a 'buffer' they would offer me in terms of flexibility - for different types of occasions, in case of accidents, those busy times where it's hard to keep up with laundry, etc. I'm working on coming up with a similar list for my own use. Thank you Terri!

Just a knock-around-the-house, layer 'em up so you can stay warm, throw some stuff on kind of outfit. The beauty of this outfit for me is how easy it was to put together, because of the thought i've put into what gets into my wardrobe to begin with. It's comfy, warm, me, and has a certain amount of funk and style. It's days like this one, where i've made it so much easier for myself to dress how i want and like to, that give me the inspiration to make my mainstay's list and create the clothes on the list.

And you know where i get so many of the ideas for how to make my clothes work better for me - the finger's pointing right back at you! I hope i return the favor at least every now and then. Thank you!


  1. Yes, style bloggers have helped push me out of my rut! I like that flowered skirt, quite a lot, but it is one item I have zero of. Thanks for the mention and I look forward to seeing what your sewing machine is turning out. I'll bet by 2012 I have mine out and running.

  2. Terri, every time you talk about sewing i get so excited for you!!! i just know you'll have a blast and come up with some really great items.....i get curious about seeing them : )

    as far as getting out of a rut, style blogs are the sine qua non, as far as i'm concerned. tons more inspiration than any fashion mag, real people who will give you advice/their experience/concrete examples from their own lives (which is a lot more likely to have some relation to your own situation than any traditional publication).

    like anything, it's not all hearts and flowers, but there's a heck of a lot to say in it's favor. take care, steph

  3. You are absolutely gorgeous (on both photos)
    and would love for u to participate in the "raw".
    My e-mail is a changing soon , but for now its

  4. I have never been one for "essential items" list because I am just too unconventional. My mainstays tend to change a lot--and I eventually tire of them. So change is the m.o. for me. I do have "go-to" pieces--now they are a denim skirt, leggings, and tunics.
    Love the printed skirt--skirts are definatly on the list for you!

  5. Steph, I have never been and "essential list" person. I am too unconventional so those didnt work for me. I am about change anyway and any go-to outfits today wont work tomorrow. For now tho my go-to's are denim skirt, leggings and tunics.
    For you, skirts must be on the list! Love the one you have on~Paula

  6. I am in heavy rotation of my long skirts lately (and I got a new one yesterday you're going to love), but I'm like Paula - I don't have an essential list of wardrobe basics (although I will admit to owning eight black pencil skirts - now, there's a post I should do!).

  7. Ooh I love your floral skirt - it looks so swooshy! And your hat is lovely too - you look so gorgeous.

    Like Sheila, I have eight black pencil skirts too. I try not to - but I do!

    I'm looking forward to seeing your linen skirts when they're done. Wish I had the time/energy/inpiration/patience to make my own clothes - and I'm so envious of those who do!

    Sarah xxx

  8. Thank you Reva! everybody go check Reva's blog, she's having an 'in the raw' group post that looks like it'll be fabulous:

    oh boy!! (hope we get some warmer weather soon ; )

    Hello Paula and Sheila - you both raise a really good point. for years i read 'those lists' - you know, the ones that have 'perfect jeans, crisp white shirt, classic trench.....' (snore, unable to wear, etc.).basically, absolutely useless for me.

    Angie at youlookfab talks about creating your own personalized lists, which can focus on 'traditional' pieces like jeans but can (& should, if you need them) include things like layering tees, tights, hats, scarves, etc. - items that help some dressers pull their looks together. when i took Angie's approach, i was able to start to i.d. the pieces that made my life a lot easier, and the essentials list became (one) useful tool for me.

    but as always, it depends on the person's individual approach, and if things are working for them or not. i believe in picking and choosing ideas out from all the different systems according to what works for you.

    Sheila & Sarah, you two need to do a 'black pencil skirt lineup'! a dual-author-post would be divine!! your public is calling...

    & Thank you Sarah! hee hee - i wish i could thrift ; ) luckily we're all able to find our 'metiers'.....

    take care everybody, steph