Thursday, January 20, 2011

Wardrobe Infusion via "The House of Mom"

 Just a nice, warm, easy to wear look.  I've been on the hunt for another small hat recently, but no luck yet. With a lot of looks, especially the 'vintage-y feeling' ones, i really like the look of a small, neat head. To my eye it gives a '30's or '20's vibe.  This hat tarts up really easily with scarves and pins, which varies the look, but i wear it enough that i think another small one would be in order.

Actually, this hat came into my wardrobe via my mom. She'd had it awhile but never wore it, so when i spotted it over at her house she said, 'Take it!'. Ah, now that's the kind of shopping i really like
; )   No crowds, and the price is right. Besides, clothing with a little history to it is just more fun to wear.

Speaking of 'fabulous accessories via The House of Mom', here's a close-up of my holiday gift from my mother. I'd had my eye on Justina Leigh's CHARLIE bracelet since i saw her work on Style Underdog last summer.  I kept an eye out for likely chains to try and cobble one together on my own, with zero luck. At least the one bracelet i really liked wasn't moving - until right after Christmas, when mom asked me what she could get me for the holiday. It had just sold!!!  Fortunately i had the presence of mind to write to Monique Lopez regarding the possibility of a dupe - 'No Problem', came the reply. Whew!

A couple of weeks later, my bracelet came in the mail.  I've taken it off two or three times since then. Thanks, mom!  Now, what type of wardrobe support do you all get from your families, specifically 'The House of Mom'?

Dark Grey Sweater: Tweeds
Khaki Jean Jacket: Royal Robbins
Henley: Aeropostale
Skirt: own design, inspired by some girls wander
Over The Knee socks: O Lovelies from Sock Dreams
Scarf: own design
CHARLIE Bracelet: Justina Leigh on etsy
Shoes: Born


  1. My mom tends to give wardrobe support in the form of holiday cash. She's never been great at dressing us (my sister and I were stuck with frighteningly dorky clothes as kids, until we reached the age where we had odd-jobs cash and could control our wardrobes somewhat) and that carries over into understanding what we might like to wear as adults.

  2. You are like a superhero of vintage styling and accessorizing. My mom's contributions to my wardrobe have been hit and miss over the years. We're currently in a "miss" phase, but time has taught me that this shall pass. I've also learned that I'm not allowed to exchange gifts from mom, or to express any form of dissatisfaction with same. Thus, I quietly donate or re-gift the things that don't work and know that I won't always have to do so.

  3. Good job with the bracelet Mom! I love how chunky it is. You rock that vintage/funky vibe like there's no tomorrow.

  4. Love the hat--but we both know now how we both love hats! You look so safari--and in a good Mogambo way. Paula

  5. Great outfit - I especially like the belt over your sweater.

    That hat is sweet! It has that great vintage look that is so "you".

    Heh, as I think you know, I acquired quite a bit of my Mom's jewelry from the 50s-70s when I was a teen and raided her jewelry box constantly.

  6. I love the name you've assigned to your couturier! My mother came up with the boots I told you about yesterday. They've been fantastic during our snowy weather and with my limping foot. Today, she tells me she has another pair in black! So, I've lucked out.

    Gotta love mothers who actually ask you what you want!

  7. I'm amazed at this outfit - that's it, I'm hopping into my closet to play dress-ups right now! xo

  8. It's beautiful on you! I would love to be the kind of person who is able to gift with finesse and appropriately, but I'm not often that persuaded that I'm on the right track (with the exception of the Jacques Villet book). So, I ask, losing the element of surprise but making sure that the recipient is happy (then I'm happy and satisfied too).
    Cynthia, Stephanie could have written your comment until I realized how way beyond me she is. Proud Mom here.

  9. Hi All! ach, it's taken me a little longer than i hoped to 'recup' from all that running around. sorry my responses were'nt sooner, but here goes!

    Aw Ma, you don't give yourself enough credit! 1st, i think it's unrealistic to expect all parents to have or develop expertise in all their kid's interests. you did a lot! you always encouraged my sewing and let me take up space in the 'common areas'; when you got a hold of hand me downs when we were little you always made sure they were from different towns/schools; you signed me up and carted me around to art/drawing/herpetology classes & events; took us shopping at Telegraph and Cost Plus and drove on 580 and the Bay Bridge and across San Francisco to the consignment shop where we picked up some really great deals - how did you find out about that place, anyways?

    so i can't complain - it was an area you never cared much about, but you went above and beyond the call of duty to help out!

    Hi Cynthia! yeah, if i'd had any sense i would've realized this topic can be somewhat fraught. see my comment to mom above. it's hard with clothes because girls esp. can catch a lot of grief at school for what they wear....

    Hello A-Dubs! you are very kind : ) and it sounds like you've developed a wise, mature way to keep a warm relationship with your mother!

    Thank you NEChic! that chunkiness is so yummy.....

    Hi Paula! yeah, the safari vibe is a lot of fun to wear - adds that certain something to the day. ha! your hat post was amazing! everyone go here:

    Thank You Sheila! yeah, you have some really nice pieces from your mom and your grandma. Those pieces are so special.

    Hello Terri! that's great about your boots and your feet - your mom is TOTALLY on a roll! our mom has demanded gift lists from us for decades, and it works out pretty darn well.

    Hello Desiree, it's so sweet of you to stop by with all the trouble you've been having with the floods...i hope you are starting to see some hopeful signs by now. i was in Santa Cruz for sever flooding in 1982, and it's very scary and just awful to see the wreckage. i'm so glad you and your family are safe, take care and i'm thinking of you!

    Happy Weekend Everybody!!! steph

  10. Oh, I had forgotten about that terrific consignment shop - I think Susan Sarti told me about it. I also had forgotten about the Christmas Lists - hmmm, it must be time to reinstate that custom, maybe I can sneak in a surprise! You and your sibs opened new doors to me - but I do deserve a big 'thank you' for the snake. A BIG thank you. 8-)

  11. I love the muted colors in your outfit and the hat is just your style!I also love shopping at mom's closet and...aunt's closet!
    So many vintage things with personal history!Actually now that I know where this hat comes from it has a totally different vibe!

  12. Yee Haw, Angie's back!!!!

    Everyone go catch up on what she's been up to - some fab necklace action over there!

    Thank you angie - you always come up with pieces from fun places, and i like how you give the history of your different clothes. it DOES give things a different vibe! steph

  13. I love the Neo Safari look, and the hat is an excellent topper.

    I haven't shopped Mom's closet, but I scored some excellent vintage wine glasses from her when they moved a couple of years ago. I do have a sis across town who periodically cleans out her closet and gives me first dibs.