Thursday, January 6, 2011

No Repeats W & W: Days Seventeen & Eighteen

Not much to say about this outfit other than sometimes the pictures look a lot cuter than you felt when you were wearing the clothes.  I'm pretty sure i'm still stuck on 'too comfy = sloppy looking'. But that equation is false.

Here you can get a glimpse of some aquamarine beads i bought on Telegraph for six bucks. Everytime i string beads, the string stretches out after i wear them a few times and it looks bad. So i'm trying wearing these ones before i finish the necklace with findings, clasp, etc. to see if i can avoid the problem. Any input/feedback on this issue is avidly anticipated!

I wouldn't consider this outfit completely successful as an outfit - but it has some elements i'm very glad i stumbled upon. Angie at fashion me blog, Serene at The Elegant Bohemian, Katie of Interrobangs Anonymous, and others i can't recall at the moment have all been really rockin' the 'scarf as blouse' trick.  I've been attempting it myself a few times recently, and this time i finally got the hang of it!

I also really like lacey anklets with these boots.  With skirts, with skinny cargoes, or with fishnets in nude or really expands the range of these booties.  And using just a couple of lacey touches (scarf and socks) on a neutral base to lend a romantic air to the whole outfit is a nice strategy. But those black leggings under the skirt got under my skin as well.  It's too blunt. But i was too busy, too cold  and too tender to change them out for, say, nude fishnets or my gray lace Betsey Johnson tights. 

That's the beauty of a daily outfit blog - you can stash these elements away for future use.  In real life, i'd remember how much i liked these details but most likely forget precisely how i pulled them off....

I've had this rutilated quartz bead for three or four years now. I tried wearing it a number of ways, but none really felt right. Terri has featured acorns in a number of her DIY projects, and it finally occurred to me to go see if i could find one for this bead. I found one and burnt a hole in it for the wire. I also bought a couple of strings of iolite beads on Telegraph from the same vendor as the aquamarine ones. That's an iolite bead at the base of the 'acorn', and i've strung iolite beads to make a necklace for this 'acorn' pendant. Here i used a black ribbon, as the iolite string is in 'the stretching process'.

I can see the end of the workaday capsule challenge!  I'm doing my best to 'go out with a bang', but the weather and random evil stains conspire against me.  Wish me luck!


  1. I like those boots! Have we seen them before? I think #2 is pretty darn successful -- it's very "you".

  2. I'm glad the acorn top worked for you! As for stringing beads, I can't help you. Came across a vase full of loose pearls in a thrift recently and really pondered buying them, then passed them up because I have no training in proper stringing. You ought to do a post on that.

  3. You are so really challenges me to attempt some new things. I love your boots and the toppers. I always like your skirts!!

  4. Love the lace tops on your boots--cute idea--mine was fuzz on the top of my boots!
    I can't get the scarf as blouse thing right either--maybe its the bust size. yours looks cute!

  5. Wow, I love those red boots, especially with the lacey anklets! You look awesome.

    Happy New Year!

  6. Thank you Cynthia! yep, those red booties showed up for the first time just a couple of days ago - i actually wore TWO neglected items in this post:

    thus keeping the 'no repeats' challenge's spirit alive!

    Hi Terri!, yes, the cap idea is genius - thank you! & i'll post on bead stringing if i ever become competent at it : )

    Hello Pam! aw, thank you. well, i guess that's why so many of us read and keep blogs - to push our creativity. and you've been doing so many new things on your blog and in your life - i love that i never know what you're going to be blogging about - one of your friend's style, a local fashion event, the experience of venturing in to the blogging world as a 50+'s very fresh and interesting!

    Hello Paula! i think those shearling booties turned out GREAT - i love that they are a lot more opulent than most. i think manufacturers usually put just a little on there to cut costs. you've given me much to ponder in the fuzzy booty area.....

    Hi Sheila, happy new year to your too!!! i sure hope you're feeling better, it's no fair at all that you've been having back to back bugs : ( YOU always look awesome, even when you're feeling 8h1T ; ) take care, okay?

    Happy Day All!!!! steph