Friday, January 14, 2011

In Search Of......

 By the shore of a misty pond, our heroine searches. For what, she knows not.........

Uh, maybe -  a better look at the clothes? This IS supposed to be a style blog, isn't it?!?!?

Okay, here you go.  For some reason i felt like i was in my jammies all day wearing this outfit.  This seems to be some species of recurring neuroses on my part, and at this point i have no idea what the heck it's all about. Even i have to admit there's no realistic way that this get-up emits any type of 'jammy' vibe. I wore this dress because i was dying for some color and floweriness with all this cold, grey weather. I have the world's most boring merino wool v-neck sweater in grass green that i wore over the dress but under the jacket, so it didn't really show all day. It did provide a welcome layer of warmth. Brrr!

I've finished my first 'resolution' piece - the black linen blend full knee-length skirt. It has an elastic waistband and a couple of 3/4" deep tucks by the 60" hem. Comfy, easy, with a really nice drape. Plenty of room for wool tights and petticoats during the winter, and bare legs in summer.  I plan to spruce it up a wee bit with two or three groups of self-fabric yo-yo's. I was inspired by this look of Elsita's. (ah, the glorious day when Elsita begins her outfit posts again......) But my new skirt is a nice, basic piece of cake without extra ornamentation, so i'll focus making on my black interlock pants and my tobacco linen skirt before i start tartin' it up.

In Style Nation news, Reva is sponsoring an 'in the raw' group post. Seeing as i egged her on about it, i'm in. (Don't worry, mom, i'll keep it clean.) I encourage you all to go check it out and think about participating - Reva explicitly discourages 'severe nudes', so no need to show anything you feel uncomfortable with. But it's a nice opportunity to show a different side of yourself - we're not all perfect all the time, after all. 


  1. Steph--the skirt will be gorgeous with the yo-yo's on it! I am considering the RAW thing, but I have wondered about the best way to approach it. Initially I thought a slip might be okay...what's your idea?

  2. I love the whole outfit, but the lace over the boots has me in absolute love!!

  3. I want the coat, the scarf, the flower, and the dress. I'll send my address.

  4. I'm in with the "Raw" thing at Reva's - I did a nude years ago (it's tasteful black and white, with just one boob, lol).

    I love the lace with the boots, and the "hangup" photo - what a cool idea!

  5. Oh that dress is gorgeous! I love the contrast of textures and materials between the dress and the blazer, and the flower is such a great detail.

  6. Very Romantic! All of it, the clothes, the verse--
    I'll check out Reva's thing. Intriguing...

  7. Hello Everybody! just found out Mr. E's scheduled an exciting and eventful couple of days for us, so this'll be shorter than i'd like. here goes!

    Hi Terri! me 1st thot is 'nekkid in a tree', but anything nature related would be good with me. i'll pry try some different ideas and see what i like....a slip sounds really nice! (p.s. mite that naked in the sauna thing work if you put spot lighting IN the sauna shining on you? like flashlights or something?)

    hi Lisa Marie - i first saw that styling in a Gorsuch catalog - check it out, i think you'll love their styling!

    Judy, you bust me up! i've wanted to say that myself at times, but always chickened out ... (bowing down to your greatness)

    Great Sheila! you always come up with such fun photo ideas, can't wait to see....('just one boob' - you're busting me up!)

    Thank you Sarah - that dress is getting on 15 y.o., but i can't seem to let it go yet...

    Hi Paula! those pix turned out nice with the fog and misty trees....i'm getting more brazen about shooting in public these days. & i'm glad you're thinking about Reva's project too!!

    happy weekend everybody!! stpeh

  8. Boots + Lace = FABULOUS

    I'm off now to check out this RAW business. Maybe I'll do nude wearing lacy socks and boots!

    Sarah xxx

  9. Oh Yeah, you in lacy socks and boots would be the living end!!! hee hee, or you could pose in your nightie.......take care, steph