Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Well-Behaved Skirts Rarely Make History

Looks like i had some fun with the camera this day. Which is partly just fun. But i also wanted to show you all some of what i like best about this skirt - the way it moves. It's made of a very light cotton fabric which catches just about every passing breeze (wearing a petticoat with this skirt has it's practical aspects). So i'm never certain exactly what shape it will take from one moment to the next....
...and for me that's a lot of the attraction. I do like a certain amount of dependability in my clothing - shoes, socks, bras get a lot points from me for staying in one place and in one piece. Any expensive jewelry, too! But skirts, scarves, hair - the more they're on the move, the better, i say.

Admittedly one of Isadora Duncan's scarves took the 'freedom of accessories to move' too far. (Although that scarf did make history.)

So, which do you prefer in clothing - the well mannered or the unpredictable? Are you like me and divide your preferences according to category?

I'm feeling perkier today, but not completely recovered. Time for a nap!

Top: own design
Belt: Betsey Johnson
Skirt: own design, inspired by The Hidden Seed
Shoes: Clark's Passion
Earrings, Necklace: own design


  1. I like my clothes when I put them on in the morning and don't have to think about them again until I take them off at night. Whether that's because it's a rigid, perfectly fitted bra that never slips a fraction of an inch off its perfect spot, or a flowy dress that moves with me and never pinches or pulls, it's the final effect that matters more than the construction.

    My outfit of today is my BFF because I've barely thought about it for a second since I put it on.

  2. Please explain about the edge-stitched belt. Is that the Betsy Johnson belt? Or did you make that and tie the beige fabric to it to hold it in place (if yes on the 'beige fabric hold it in place' bit, then it should be included in your list in that category.) (See, this is why I should't comment.) I do like the outfit. 8-)

  3. I love the movement in that skirt! I like my clothes to do what I expect them to do - if I know in advance that a skirt (for example) is going to blow around like mad, then I'll under-clothe accordingly. Surprises, not so good.

  4. hi Cynthia and Sheila! i hadn't thought of it in that way, but your ideas on expectation and having to think about what you're wearing after you put it on in the morning make a lot of sense. it's those SURPRISES that can be aggravating or worse!

    and hi mom! lets see. the beige 'string' is the tie that laces up the back of the top brought round to the front. the black with edge-stitching was a ribbon on a gift (which i received a couple/three years ago?). i just tied it around my waist. the metal roses/chain combo is the Betsey Johnson belt.

    good thing you're keeping me honest! : )

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  6. Hmmm - my comment didn't say what I wanted it to say. The important part of my comment was how much I like your outfit (and your style and your everything). Of course, I blurted out my questions, and had to TELL you.... So sorry I sound so much like the finger-wagging mom - and thank you again for telling me about your blog. You do have such a lovely sense of style.