Thursday, June 17, 2010

All Hail The Shirtdress!

Comfy, throw it on and you look put together instantly, buttons all down the front offer a myriad layering possibilities, wash 'n wear......i was inspired in this design by Erin's post on Work With What You Got. Erin's is a blog worth following for her consistent style and honest approach to writing. also very tasty accessories (drool)!

I've been wearing Dansko clogs long enough to have worn out one pair already. These Marcelle's are at least four years old and still going strong. I can't recommend Dansko clogs highly enough for supportive comfort. I'm thinking these Professionals (in the brown tooled leather) could be good for the next pair. I like red shoes, but it's hard to wear them and not have the whole outfit be about the red shoes. My general preference is to have an outfit be about the whole outfit, not just a part. So 'background' but interesting shoes (like the Pro's i have my eye on) are always welcome at the Eccentrics'.

Dress: own design, inspired by this dress on Work With What You Got
Belt: ??? very ancient
Shoes: Dansko Marcelle
Book: Dimensions: A Casebook of Alien Contact by Jacques Vallee


  1. I remember a few mentions of that book - and that explains the general message of the pictorial image. Also, very 40's, in keeping with the shirt dress style. Excellent!

  2. whaddya mean, 'i remember a few mentions of that book...'?

    so you didn't click on the highlight, read the reviews, and spend half an hour following links all around the web? ; )

  3. No, I got all that before the web was invented.
    8-) Although, it might have been interesting to use Gopher to try and see what was out there regarding M. Vallee.