Wednesday, June 16, 2010

The Question of Appropriate Attyre.

Grigori has appropriate attire going on. Dark colors don't show the dirt. Long, flowing robes drape over a body at the end of a period of monastic fasting as well as they do after a long weekend of debauchery. Sturdy shoes cope well with endless tramping through the countryside - and even hold a shine for royal audiences. Sun protection galore. Low-maintenance hair and beard style. And the dark colors of clothes, shoes, beard, and hair force the attention towards those mesmerizing eyeballs.......

Mrs. E is a different story. Stark black and white, lustrous and embroidered silk skirt, gathers and flounces on the filmy cotton blouse, fishnets and heels bring to mind attendance at an afternoon classical recital rather than stalking the aisles of a used popular music store (selling punk and metal, no less).

but i woke up in the morning and wanted to wear this blouse . it's loose and breezy. the split sleeves offer full freedom of movement. a black skirt sounded nice, except right now both black skirts i have are 'dressy' types. but the stiff material on this one stays away from my tender legs, and the waistband has plenty of room. during a day of baking and cleaning, this outfit only touched me lightly on my shoulder and waist (i was barefoot as usual). an apron kept any flour off the blackness. when we went out in the evening, i threw on some stockings and shoes. i have a little secret that makes stockings more comfy when skirts are long:

just cut them off at the top of the legs and roll 'em down. no pantyhose strangulation at the crotch or fussing with a garter belt. though i don't know if it's strong enough to hold up a flask of hootch, flapper-style.

so what's more important in 'appropriate attyre' - looks or feel?

Blouse: own design, inspired by some girls wander
(i plan to add some lace at the hem)
Skirt: splurgy gift from mom
Earrings: liliswan
(i did switch out the original pearls for some grey 'potato' ones)
Stockings: ?
Belt: ancient Coach
Shoes: ancient Beautifeels


  1. I vote 'feel' is the most important.
    When did this 'splurgy gift from Mom' occur? Not remembering a splurgy gift.
    I love your beauty and softness next to that ol' debil Rasputin!

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